Who Is Likely to Win the All-Star Game?


Now i'm gonna tell you what was wrong this game in it is team rant. And i'm gonna let you know why like hidden in. I think that they're going to be the winner here. Keep in mind this a fun game to see all star game. There is no real. There is no reason to put it all on the line. So i just think these top five and the starting role with young. he's gonna wanna make a name for himself devon booker who another young gun. I believe it was their last year but he had come in as a subject here. So he's gonna wanna do good. I see more youth potential on durant. It's gonna want to actually make a difference a even zone. They gotta sign on on. These guys are young and go on and make statements looked for them to give more effort than people like steph. Curry people like Tombo people like chris. Paul i just i think they're giving give you more effort and that's why i think team durant's get win this game again. It's a fun game. Don't be surprised going down the stretch last two minutes of they just wanna play slam dunk mania because there is no real cost to this game. So you know. I don't think this is a game worthy betting on or immediate. Any real significance is not. It's an all star game. It's weekend time it's fun but nonetheless. Those are your two teams one more time team. The bronze can start with lebron at tombo steph curry luca danni in nikola jokic. They're going to go up against team. Durant team grant kevin's going on his chin leading outfits and on the side he'll be coach and bradley beal. Joel embiid kyle. Erring kawai leonard. Jason tatum those injure starters and then all the other big names league made. It's the one that didn't make. It was trae young from atlanta. Which i i would put trae young on here before julius randle before on coal of Vic i would have put him on there before. So bonus I a big fan of trae young out of atlanta. He hasn't had the greatest. But you take trae young away from atlanta in the garbage and don't get me wrong garbage january's with out him. I mean he really is a one man team in most other teams are relying on much landed and it just goes to show you how good your quick helping gets inside and gets done. Betrayed young. didn't make it and you know they always say you can't have everybody. He's the one person i would have liked to seeing may get But nonetheless getting back to the point here. I think you're gonna see the younger guns on. Durant team tried to make the difference

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