A highlight from Preview for the CDL Stage 3 Major! ft. LandO, Caster for the CDL


Talk about anything and everything Esports from the OverWatch League to the latest fortnite tournament, however, much I despise for now, we gotta talk about it sometimes right. But more importantly, this week, it is the beginning of what the stage four major, for COD league and helping me, break it down. Preview it for you guys is Landon Lando Sanders. How you doing Lando? I'm doing good, man. It's it's great to talk with you again and we've had a few different counters previously, but happy to talk some, some cough with you today and in preparation for stage, three major, and I'm excited for all the things that going on. That's awesome. I'm excited for you, too. Of course, if you don't know who Lando is, you been living under a rock for like the longest time. But no worries Call of Duty League commentator Caster, interviewer, I mean, what don't you do? Around the the production. Also, the king of the Cod pickems and, as well as a popular content creator on YouTube and, and in throwing us from twitch streams. Then in then in there, you know, but for the most part, you have been killing it, this season. You might, I add thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah, man. We've got a, we've got a great team. A lot of people who are there to, to help work on us with a multitude of different things and I give all the credit to, to my good old partner, study Jeremy Gregory. I literally breaks down everything for me. said, my job is obviously the play-by-play side of things, just talk about what I see, and he's the one that makes that that glues it all together. That makes sense of all of it. So definitely, man, we got, we got a great team. It's been so much fun this season, and I can tell you guys are having fun behind the scenes as well. So really you guys have something going on every single production. I feel like it's awesome to see this kind of really take off wage your compared to last year. But speaking of last year, obviously, pandemic, kind of soured things a little bit kind of flying by the skin of your teeth, in terms of scheduling, and during the pandemic, teams are kind of on their toes to tap changes. But for the most part, was the outlook for this year. Been, like, for you guys, I mean, I think just from, you know, the entire production side of things, I think they were just so happy to kind of have some more time, you know? Because everybody, you know, we were still discovering like what exactly, like, you know, the severity of all of this, you know, just in general, like how, how are we going to be able to transfer all of this to online? But, you know, there was a system previously employed, where they were talking about how they were kind of preparing for something, you know, just in case like something were to happen in the future, but they kind of had to integrate this system like eight months or something like that before birth. Even supposed to be tested. So, I know, for, for everybody's perspective, I know that this year was kind of a great opportunity to kind of, you know, hit the pause button. I'm going to to land and, you know, going on location. Obviously, we ought to be there, but I think, you know, just overall so far kind of the Outlook just in general, on the season, is just been, it's been great. I think, you know, from a scheduling perspective, based on the format, just the way that everything has has kind of flown by long. It's been great. And I think, you know, from every single perspective, there is no doubt that this season, despite it, you know, going from land to online. Obviously, this whole season has been online. So far has been excellent. And, you know, everybody has really worked super hard to, you know, just trying to make it as lifelike as possible. He like, you know, last season, you know, from from our commentators perspectives and whatnot. And we'll just the town overall thoughts on webcam. So we had, you know, the nice backdrops and stuff and now it's like we're actually in the virtual Studio, which I know it takes a little bit of getting used to, but really from all angles, I think everybody has done their best to try to replicate wage. Land. The best way we can with the preparation with the time that we had and I think that everybody has done a phenomenal job and I know we're all, we're all gearing up for for when when we will be able to get back on land which I know, I'm sure coming up. But, but yeah, it's just, it's been great. It's been really good overall. Team effort, I believe it was, it was last week or the week before I from Forgetting the exact day. But how ecstatic are you further ton of land for the stage four? Major, I don't want go through all the states for, but for the important bit of it, it'll be players on the same internet connection and everything. Right. How excited are you for that to be breaking up soon? Oh man. I'm so ecstatic. You know for for the players specifically, right. Just because you know obviously talking about connects it's never going to be perfect, you know, as much as we like to talk about online and you know, and in terms of the results found online, there's obviously a nice debate there. I think just in general for everybody to be in the same location, just four players to kind of have that same interaction and really just to kind of see, you know, obviously I'm great. I'm, I'm very grateful that birth. Just kind of be in the most neutral playing field possible but also the same time, I'm excited to see kind of the debut of players on land. You know, we have a number of different talented players who who I believe will translate tool and very well. There's just a lot of kind of engaging story lines that are going to be there. And then, you know, we just talked about Call of Duty like, you know, granted obviously we're making do in the best way, we can online, but there's no beating land and I think everybody is aware of that and I would say, just overall, incredibly excited for it. It's a step in the right direction. It's a step. One of many that we're going to take to kind of getting back to normal, obviously, given the, you know, the right circumstances and, you know, learning the things that we need to. But I'm just I'm very excited for everybody but specifically on most ecstatic for the players without a doubt. Awesome. And so, I gotta ask write this down internet connection, being being solved at this stage. Four major, do you think it'll really change to the top teams are? I mean, these is it really that much of a difference You know, I've I've kind of had the same opinion what I'm trying to think of like when this particular title came out, Advanced Warfare was like 2015, 2014-2015 took like six years now. Yeah. I don't think that the online tool and disparity is as big of a deal. As many people think that it is now. Granted, is there a difference? Of course, there is a majority of the difference has to do with, you know, would just having people watch your gameplay, whether you're on the side stations or whether you're, you know, up what your gameplay is being shown to thousands of fans and you know you have all kinds of interaction.

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