Tribal Leader Says Pandemic Has Increased Drug Abuse


In wisconsin are confronting increased drug use during the covid nineteen pandemic according to a tribal leader and tribes are calling for an end to race based mascots. Those were among issues lacked. Flambeau president john d johnson senior touched on during this year state of the tribes address. He delivered tuesday. Danielle catering has more speaking before. Wisconsin lawmakers johnson emphasized that not only the virus but increased drug abuse of fat all and meth have claimed those most vulnerable during the public health crisis floor drugs into the north woods has escalated during the pandemic as mental health economic and social challenges. Exert drawing pressure on our people and families. Johnson supported governor tony ears proposal to provide funding for a regional mental health center in the next budget. Wisconsin's governor has proposed more than one hundred fifty million dollars for mental health services. During his remarks johnson also called on all organizations and schools to retire. The use of race mascots briefly based mascots remained unhealed wound for countless native americans who endure being portrayed as something less than human everts has also proposed funding to help wisconsin schools. Replace race-based logos. It's unclear whether republican lawmakers will back. The governor's proposals as they've already stripped hundreds of items from his proposed budget for national native news. I'm daniel casting.

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