Will Medina Spirit Be Cleared for Preakness?


Are things wrong within racing. But it's not bob. Buffet can explain to final podcast listeners. What in the name of god is going on with medina spirit. It's been a very tricky situation to say. The least of i worked for strana group so might comments are a little bit trickier. What they've done is make sure that due process is allowed unfortunately medina spirit came up with a positive for better methods message and basically that taken by the whole world and non racing world as the host being drugs. it's not illegal substance. It's a therapeutic. Medication is cross three drug But it was found at twenty one pico. Gram with the treasury being ten pico. Gram of couse. There were then questions in terms of the victory of the conducted. You re if that were to stand and unfolded strana group manager to decide if the ball were allowed to compete during the preakness mate. So what they've done is basically tests are being done at results will come back tomorrow with no trash holds. Basically if anything's found they will not be allowed to run because of their basically what they're saying is that the premises due process. It needs to be adhered to and that hasn't been the case just yet. Of course he. The kentucky horse racing commission is investigating it so it was a very difficult position to be placed in an a very difficult situation for everyone that loves horse racing for everyone right now at preakness wanting to enjoy the second leg of the triple crown. The middle jewel the fundraiser. It's been it's been difficult but we still have a race going on on saturday so very excited to see a few ten lineup. But yes of course. It is the first thing now that people are thinking of instead of the quality of the race instead of the quantity of the

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