Board of Supervisors Names William Tate IV as LSU President


Of the most interesting stories. concerns the lsu presidential search as well as the current president south carolina. And you're saying to yourself. What does that have to do with anything. Well certainly the president At lsu is critical because of all the problems they have down there and it was just a week ago. When william tate was named as the new president he Had headed over from the university of south carolina. But as they say hold on a second We may not be done with this story yet. Andrea gal who was brooks could be an has done what will certainly be Award winning investigative reporting on all the issues in that athletic department in andrea joins us Right now andrew first of all. Thanks for being here. it's It's great to have you on the show again. Good afternoon afternoon. So i think everyone was really excited last week. It looked like after a A winter of discontent. Maybe lsu had gotten it right With the hiring So that was last week though. And as you know living in baton rouge in louisiana later as a year ago when when you're watching the match nations of political worlds unfold. Let's pick up the story From that moment. And then we switch over to south carolina where we talked about The issues with bob kesling earlier with josh kendall is does does lsu avenue does it dissolves. You have a president or is he going to go back to south carolina. Well that's a great question. So the chairman of lsu's board of supervisors says that as of yesterday. He spoke to william tate. Who is the the south carolina. Provos who president and Lsu's board chairman says that provost tate assured him yesterday that he is committed to lsu and that he will be coming to lsu. And he's supposed to start. I believe july first or july second

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