Prosecutor Plans to Seek Death Penalty in Atlanta-Area Spa Shootings


Trouble team Traffic 95.5 WSB WSB Fulton Fulton County County D D A A will will seek seek the the death death penalty penalty in in the the Atlanta Atlanta spot spot Shootings, Shootings, long long has has now now been been indicted indicted on on murder murder charges charges in in Fulton Fulton County County District District Attorney Attorney Funny. Funny. Willis Willis says says she's she's also also going going to to seek seek hate hate crime charges and the death penalty. WSB legal expert Phil Holloway prosecutors going to have to prove to a jury satisfaction that what we call statutory special circumstances apply. And there's a long list of those basically, death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst type murders in Holloway says he does expect Cherokee County will likely also seek the death

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