Cheers to the Side Hustle


Has opened up the world. The people i mean anything that you do in the privacy of your home and love to do you can now make a profit out. Absolutely i think i just kind of takes them work and you can do local festivals and i mean even online shops not even going through oetzi but taking it to that next level. I have a client. That actually has done that. It started out. She was a teacher and she started making these cool plaques fish's name of her company she does the festivals and different things and sales on oetzi all of a sudden. She's not teaching anymore and now her husband has quit his day job. Wow that's a big chunk. Yeah it was kinda hard form in that. They kind of fell into it in a grew which happens a lot of towns. We had to kind of backtrack to get hold of the business part of it. And that's where you and i come in with people. Sometimes they've already gone away and they need to take a step back just to get their accounting and get. Yeah and that's not the fun stuff. I mean when you're first getting started. You're so excited. You're so motivated to get you know. This new project started and to really launch it. But i think before you need to do that. You kind of need to take the time and get your ducks in a row. You said that today we were talking about businesses and different things and you said excitement hides the effort take so it was brilliant. Obviously kind of launching a new product if we're talking about hobbies specifically rather than a service. It's easy you're so excited. You're not thinking about those small details all the legal paperwork. The business plan. How are you going to grow you know. Do you even know the us goods sold. Like if i'm selling a blanket for fifteen dollars but it can cost me. Thirteen to make you know and not just the product itself. But my time. I mean you've got to take all of those factors into the equation

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