A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft with Steve Atwater & Dolphins No. 6 Pick with Cameron Wolfe


Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta broncos country today. we'll look at. The dolphins will talk to cameron wolfe from. Espn see what he thinks. He's going to do with that number. Six picnic directions. Things can be an interesting week right. Peter king pusa column out he thinks the broncos are gonna teddy bridgewater where wherever you heard that. Maybe on the broncos daily podcast for the last six weeks tom mcshane. The broncos may train up to four not sure how informed that is because he admitted in his mock draft that he's not even hearing a lot from denver. The denver is one of the quiet mystery teams. And that's because george pain doesn't have a track record and just playing his cards close to the vest. I talked to somebody in the building last week. That said georgia's really playing his cards close to the vest. So i think in a world of disinformation. The broncos are providing almost no information. And i think that that's the way they like it when you look at the other buzz out of the world of the nfl and our beer's colin was out today as well. You hear that. The niners are split on trae lance jones and really wants mag jones at trae lance maybe john lynch and the personnels the personnel departments preferred. Ub and then you get the sense that they traded for that number three pick without having a guy they loved just wanting the option to take one of the three year not sure where justin fields falls. Maybe it's all a smokescreen when kyle shanahan was asked about. Will jimmy garoppolo bia. Nine on sunday he goes. We may not be alive on sunday. Type oblique Message there from kyle. Shanahan i'm gonna get in the way. And let st our do the heavy lifting and then cameron wolfe is well. I had a chance to talk to steve atwater last week after the george peyton press conference on thursday get ran on friday on. Koa's website in this graph richer that feature them doing every day The monday ones up with rick. Lewis talk too big. Al talk to steve Dragged down dave and ryan edwards. Dave logan ryan edwards and benjamin albright before the draft on thursday our coverage starts at three first round starts at six so we all famer though on last friday was the anniversary of him being drafted in nineteen. Eighty nine the twentieth. Pick in the draft. Steve atwater. nice to join me here. On the broncos daily podcast. And i always appreciate talking to my old orange blue seven sixty co host as we helped launch that station doing the show together so

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