A highlight from Loretta Lynn Transforms Classic Songs On 'Still Woman Enough'

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This is the world cafe. I'm rena doris loretta. Lynn has lived life. That is almost hard to believe a mother of six who grew up in kentucky haller and married young she balanced her family and her career and became one of the biggest country stars in america and her songs which often told stories and shared honest truths about the experience of being a woman in america. Something that wasn't usually centered in the country. Music world though songs are a big part of her enduring legacy on her fiftieth studio album. Her she revisit some of those songs like her nineteen seventy-one hit coal miner's daughter. It tells the story of her childhood daughter. Ina cabin on your we were. We had that one thing that that he made. Sure we'll call to make a poor man Daddy all day. Long linda of corn. Mommy raw and read everything awful her new album

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