Call for an Australian National AI Strategy


Hello and welcome to moscow screen. Tv now taking sick weekly be joined once again and welcome. Ron gushy. They chief executive officer with the australian industry association and the industry there's cooling for at least a two hundred million dollar investment into strays i- strategy a national strategy. So we'll get an update from ron. On how the. I w i i is going in. They recent coal app to government. Run galaxy that chief executive officer with the i aa i run. Thanks for joining us once again. Thanks to the chris. Much rishon artificial intelligence in the release came out. From the i w i do like how you guys up right off. You know you you kinda push and comment very very quickly. And promptly on government initiatives Maybe if he can give us not died or background from the realistic climate decoding for two hundred fifty million dollars for a billion dollar investment into the i. nationalized strategy. What's what's the background to this. And you we are cooling for is significant allocation In my phil- budget what the premises whibley kate. Primary industries are exposed when we look at the level of being made my in iowa offshore. of dollars. Investments across europe and asia and and in that region and that means that we are at prime ministries are at risk of becoming uncompetitive and probably unattractive globally and consumers that will become a country. Can she was rather than the juices. And it's a pity because the strike. Has i recognize leadership position experts in zenaida and and the kowloon basements across fiddles night governments have been targeted towards raicevic in i Small small bits and pieces fashion in an s fragmented with that any extra commercialization agenda

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