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Will just drive off find it. Cheap hotel deal and eat like a ton of pastries. That's pretty much. That was the agenda. In fact one time at the border crossing new they ask why going in. I think we are on the way home. Or are there and they They're like what is going to be doing. No way older. Okay have fun. So so for all your smugglers out now. That's the way to get into canada. I'm going deep in streets and the croissant. Yeah we had learned about this pastry called queen. Amman which is easy to say in to spell and it's a traditional pastry from quebec and it's basically. Oh i'm being told not from quebec. We have to start over. I don't think back yeah. I don't think they can do on their own. Okay let's start this over. It's basically a large. I wanna say like what twelve or fourteen inches round layered butter. Salt sugar dough situation. It's like a croissant but like times hundred. And it's just we i remember. We went to the shop there. It's called queen went to the shop. We just got a slice of pizza. Slice would be the word ends. Yeah i took a by. We're on the street. And i took up by an i was like. Why is everyone not eating one of three. Now i see i see the clouds opening up rainbow. Beam coming down on you is that it was a rainy weekend. We didn't quite think it was going to be that rainy. We left the hotel in the morning hotter. Rain jacket pouring cats dogs. But i was intent on going to clean all and buying an entire full round size of the pastry get there. It's all to see inside. I get a whole one. Which by the way is not even that expensive and the whole thing. I swear it weighs like went ten pounds. I mean it's like it is heavy and they put it in like in like a pizza box pizza sheet box. The thin kind of cardboard ahead a little reusable shopping down with a nylon one. I put it in there and like the skies opened up. I mean it was pouring. All i can do is think of my pork when i'm on that i intended to like bring back home and then freeze half of it. They have reasoning And then course. I stop so we spent the whole wrecks the day walking around. Well it turns out. We were in like the furthest place from any kind of public transportation in a us man. Rain jacket like cover up the bags. When i i mean it was like i would have done anything for this clean among anyway. The moral of the story is it did make it home and we did freeze half of it and we did eventually all of it and it was amazing and worth. I love the fact that you took your jacket off and put it around the queen as as save. You're your little prize that you had that you weren't going to give up. I was not going to give up. It was not going to be sigy no matter what so. That's a good plot for a book which transitions to our next segment books. We have the segment called literary lottie in. It's my own guilty pleasure and we ask each of our guests but their favorite book is. And why. And i can that to my repertoire. While you've probably read my already the hobbit and lord of the rings and the reason for that is i was i think actually johnny introduced it to me Maybe five or so years ago. And i had never read it. I had seen some of the movies but didn't really get any know why it was such a big deal and then i read the hobbit and i was like wow. This is amazing. And they're also it's so many mentions of food and the importance of breakfast and second breakfast in fact our decaf land is called elevensies and that is after elevensies and i just totally fell in love with the world and the stories and such a rich incredible world. And it's just a great story and we can talk anymore because you lump them together so you you've got a person who's going to critique that sounds like the stephen colbert Kind of level of intensity related to that. Because i'm in. I'm in your camp actually charlotte because i love the hobbit and started the lord of the rings trilogy and i ended up skipping around. Because of the time commitment it took to cover them all and and it really hob is right up there at the top of my my favorite books but My my

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