US Launches Investigation Into Louisville Police Practices


Into Louisville's policing practices. The investigation comes as police in this Kentucky city are under fire after the March 2020 fatal shooting of Briana Taylor. She was unarmed and in her home while police were executing what's called a no knock search warrant. Good afternoon. I'm joined today by our recently confirmed Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and I recently confirmed Associate Attorney General. I need a Gupta. They are leaders of great ability and integrity. And I am very happy that they have returned to serve again at the Justice Department. The department is stronger or their presence. United States Department of Justice is a federal law enforcement agency comprised of thousands of law enforcement officers who collaborate with and support our colleagues throughout our nation's police departments. We are uniquely aware of the challenges faced by those Serve as police officers. You see their commitment firsthand every day, and we recognize the complex issues that make their already difficult jobs even harder. The Justice Department is also charged with ensuring that the constitutional and federal statutory rights of all people are protected. As I explained last week, Congress has authorized the department to conduct pattern or practice investigations. Help it fulfill that responsibility. Those investigations and the recommendations and actions that ensue do not only protect individual civil rights They also assist police departments developing measures to increase transparency and accountability. Those qualities are necessary to building trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. And community trust is essential to making policing more effective and less dangerous or officers on the street. Today. The Justice Department

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