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Sixth of april. And i'm carlotta. I'm joined today by a regular monday. Do here with me in studio on atmosphere. A house in london articles editor in chief. Fangio talk and monocle twenty four senior correspondent fernando august. Welcome both back to the show. Fernando how tired are you. i mean you know. We'll get going to get to it a bit later in the program. But he's been up all night watching academy awards. But i'm learning colloton. 'cause i had four hours solid sleep and i didn't have any suppressor martinez. I just had champion. That's a trick and you should only start drinking when the oscar starts don't dupree drinks because then you're gonna few quite so what you're saying drinking at one. Am london time precisely precisely. You know it was worth it. I mean it's always a big event for me. I had mixed reactions of the. We'll talk about it later. But i'm feeling good. Kalita was a late night. Or did you have a much held weekend by comparison. I was talked up on my long before the oscars kicked off here in the uk. So i was not drinking champagne at one o'clock this morning. Well maybe it's something we see. A ritual could start adopting late addition We'll just start drinking at one. Am before well investigate. That friend entered a great having you both here on the show as always well. The sun is shining here in london. So let's begin today's program what a look at the potential for summer travel in year two of the pandemic over the weekend and york times reported that european commission president russillo levana lion told them americans may be able to travel to european union this summer if they are fully vaccinated against covid nineteen. It's been more than a year now since most european nations restricted nonessential travel from the united states andrew. I want to come to you first on this one because this weekend on your column in the newsletter the monocle minute you wrote quite an astonishing staff there that according to this new survey around fifty five percent of breads would like the current travel restrictions to stay in place. For at least another year. I wanted what is the public's appetite for overseas travel. I mean everyone. I speak to seems to be eager to go abroad but clearly the number seemed to indicate otherwise. Well i think it's because who knows so you know. Many people who may be born overseas family overseas of for them the notion that you would not want to travel teams absolutely crazy. So there a is a logical Contingent to that number which are the people who feel the in the past. We were very slow to put in place Controls at the borders and because of that we had a greater vulnerability to death. The we should have done that. And you see that playing out in another story here in the uk with boris johnson today and allegations that he made some pretty shocking remarks about not wanting to lock down. But then there's another group which i think autism grumpy all sorts. Who just they didn't give a damn about anybody else and they. They like the lockdown and they like it quiet and they. They don't see why people should be going on holidays and they're oddly a big group and then there are others who i think just kind of used to this year and i understand you you you settle into a routine and it becomes a bit kind of nervous. I think we've always had tiny moments but if you've been locked down for a full year the notion of going back out there is suddenly quite a weird thing and and you're right no no no. Let's pause. let's do that today. So even though the restaurants for example you can book outdoors and things still many people. I speak to. Yeah you can do it. But i'm going to wait a little bit and it's funny. How many people still resident. So i think younger people Definitely a bit more out there than older people. So it's difficult and it's not going to go back to things as they were. And also i think people are just bored like booking things. In cancelling them good example. I had a flight to palm yorker which i booked pre cove was meant to be used i think in the actual march i've re booked tickets seven times with With the airline. Every time i have is an hour on the phone because it's complicated because my partner has a ticket book a different code. And so you're on the phone for one hour seven times already and i think you've gotta support me anything. Why both why bother. Let's just wait and see what happens. And in the meantime everyone else can can go to the british coast. Go away for fernando. I am curious to hear your view on this. You know as a fellow foreign in this country because of course not all overseas traveler's for holidays as dimension there as well you know many have not seen family for well over a year now. So what are your views own. This current debate happening to be honest thing like many people have lots of conflicting views in an anxiety. I understand what you're saying that some people you know i i was so happy when lonestar to open up you know went to few shops. It's nice to be able to see friends but also like i'm taking it easy you know. That doesn't mean that. I want wanna go out every night but at the same time. There's a single of sadness. May i don't know if you have that as well colada because overseas travel is extremely important for holidays is okay. I generally think people was problem. People need to have time off. They need to experience different things. Whatever they decide to go it doesn't mean to be even internationally But you know the fact that you cannot see your family. god that that's extremely a-. I feel very anxious. Even it's interesting talking to under mueller for him. It's so hard to go back to australia. Would interrupt his job. It's super expensive. And of course. I i believe the majority of trainings are happy. The way things are going but at the same time. It's very sad. I mean we used to even globalized world. I mean there was no problem. If i wanted to go to brazil very quickly you know to see my family Or or anything else or go to an event As andrew saying a lot of answers to cancelling lot of insecurity sweet it is. It is an anxious moments. There are moments of happiness very glad that alone is opening out. You know The vaccinations going very well. But we do live in a globalised world. I mean my country has been completed stated of covert as well and now we see you know india which is also a big global player. I wish kind of the whole world with cooperates a bit more We'll we'll be nice because then we can be free and hopefully travel without even thinking about it well and i. I guess it's also opens up this idea that avenue if you feel the same but it has never bothered me not to live in my country. Because as he said.

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