American Judaism Beyond the Synagogue with Rachel B. Gross


Is really. I think fantastic to have you join us and talk to us about your book which is just such a fun book. It's such an interesting approach and it might be great to start out by talking about the title of the book which is to say that this is like the best title where you look at the title and you understand immediately what the book is about and what the argument is from the beginning. You talk about jewish religion beyond synagogue. Can you say a bit about what is the meaning of the big idea here. Know the the comes out in this idea that you're talking about religion outside of the synagogue and what is powerful example. That really illustrates this trend. That you're thinking about so. The book is about american. Jews nostalgia for eastern european immigration to the united states around the turn of the century and how american jews have represented and institutionalized that nostalgia. I look at four case studies from the nineteen seventies to the present and i making an argument that nostalgia has become a way of american jewish religious practice so i'm not saying that traditional forms of jewish religion and community organization aren't important. I really like the term beyond. Because i think it encompasses the synagogue and also includes things beyond it. I'm not saying that synagogue practice is over in any way. I think the forms of religion. That i'm looking at in. This book are compatible with traditional forms of jewish religious practice so building on many american religious history scholars. Basically i think of religion as things that are meaningful to people. I think about religion as texts and practices and even emotions that connect us two big

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