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Over the Shoulder


Indeed we got extra people in the house. Yeah we got some dough people in the house. But i We're one man down. Shot out the be mo- most handling business today so Normally be mo- is our sound guy since we moved over to the bridge the washington and former. So you know all this. A commitment is usually ran by him so it took us a minute to get that setup we. It's been a minute since we've actually tried to interview these guys that we have in today. We actually tried to do this last couple of weeks ago. So you know. It's been a lot of different hoops and hurdles that. We've had to jump through tom. Tom just to get this right but we got it but we got we got together now. I feel like we ourselves sort of applause. Let me see if i get the soundtrack to what okay okay. That was the best to okay. You might be doing a little bit. Better than demo. jason. I welcome to over the shoulder. Man this is like a creative inside the actors studio but right inside to studio. Yeah inside the creative studio where we pretty much have a real conversation with dope creatives contemporaries peers and just talk No politics no bullshit. Right i know be mo- normally wrong cut in a much more smooth way but this is what it is so woken over to shoulder. I'm your host. When you co host backpack ma- aka money met you know paying my dad's my respect so i can pay it for and i'm also joined here today by my brother. Thomas the great aka the facilitated. Now i'm just i'm just gonna be causing the ball to my home fair enough but you know what i'm gonna let you run point today right because you brought these three gentlemen. So while she contain facilitate ri- ri- russia special guest. So yeah like i said. I'm out here facilitating today. And you know today. I use my platform with a few old homeys. So i'm going to introduce them. How i would like to introduce them right. And i've actually known these cast for like almost a solid decade this point actually so there's two individuals in the room. One one is goes by the name of heidi say what's up and then the other goes by the name of nate as fees and then we also got money for drugs in the building. They don't there sir so for me. This this one hit is near and dear to my heart right for me. I would say that. Like i came across these individuals actually through my college career right so i was at you for a slight fly period of time. Go rams and during that time you heard me me and hoti has some like mutual friends. So once i left. Vcu and i was kind of staying up with. What's going on i came into. I came to learn a bahati and how actually became the light. They opened. dc for me to be honest like like. I'm one of those people that i'll have to give respect when it's to appreciate appreciate so i came to learn about heidi right as i'm paying too high paying attention to learn about nature as i'm paying attention to g learn about 'em one platoon and as i learned about and platoon i learned about actions in every my mic enough. So as i'm starting to break this down right send his temple somewhere in the. I was listening social socialize minds earlier today. I know digging down one. But yeah so like i was saying this is near and dear to my heart like for me. This is like. Dc's version of wu. Tang were like i. I have to say it just like that. Were if i were to give it like to illustrate the analogy. I would say may jeez like a smooth polished version of odbc where and then how would be like method man right like lady love them. You know i and ladies love him. He just a smooth cat and can do anything. He puts his mind show But yeah man that's my introduction. Free shays though so just to summarize so these three individuals make up. Lows clientele has gone you sir lows clients records in a building. Yeah i just got caught up on some music over the past. Maybe two hours tom. Yeah some albums. Very dough product. That just jot from neiji. Am i saying that correctly. Show you know usa. Heidi under supreme what under supreme authority were and it was I was i was really I played a five song. Ep i right. It's five or six. Yeah yeah no. No the newest one. The news. I've listened to both but a tape came on much ryan. I'm talking about the join. The jess drowsy. Quarter first quarter. That's what it's called are particularly. I'm a fan of velvet that that's my favorite giant. Yeah probably do rings. I know like just the the. The owner of is like a smooth smooth move introduction. Just like r- especially recently. I've kind of been more listen into beats and and just kind of like the vibe of things not necessarily so much on the words and track wild too. Because i was talking about some shit that popped off between me and the young woman in that doesn't live in dc anymore and if you dig further you could find a story and the drama and not on my eyes. He paid since he deep deep deep down. Why you like that shot saying that track is a whole teabag pose saying i just give you a real challenge bag against only. Yeah that's all the other people who love who love inside. Bts if you go to my real man you could really see what that track is about. Velvet velvet do my favorite on that so far. Because i haven't gotten to can't lie yet. But tiffany's pat riley parrado.

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