Get Perspective on Falling Apart


Recently on social media posts. I saw it's okay to fall apart once in a while tacos. Do we still love them. And we have to look at that as of course well i. I don't think i know of a person doesn't love tacos but what about everybody on your team. There's some points where people just need to get help to fall apart just reset. What's going on in their life in in just refocus on what they're trying to do and you need to create an environment where that's okay set some parameters to let them know it's okay and how they should do it not that they should just completely lose their mind but be open to the fact that if they need it. You're there to help them get through that because we're all struggling with something even if we don't know what that is. Somebody is definitely struggling with something. So today's leadership thought of the day brought to better leadership lifestyle. Podcast grow yourself just a little bit

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