Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Talks Power, Pandemics and Partisanship

The Big Story


Mayor of calgary for more than a decade now l. o. Manchego lose thanks so much for having me on. You're very welcome and we're gonna talk politics and your legacy however humble you wanna be about it today but first because we start every interview with this now. How are you guys doing out there. You know We're doing okay. Kovic is bad. i hear now. Berta of the numbers are very grim. But at the same time people are getting their vaccinations. They're certainly not just a white at the end of the tunnel but The tunnel is flooding with light. The only challenge now is to keep up our discipline You don't want to finish poorly. You don't wanna dance before you hit the end zone or any other number of terrible cliches so we really wanna make sure people are getting their vaccines up. All the good behaviors wearing masks keeping your distance staying home when you can. The good news is as we get more and more people vaccinated. Things will start to get better and i'm hopeful that business and everything else will be able to come back but it's not great at the moment. What's it been like Guiding a city through something like this. It's obviously Something you could never have predicted you would be leading a municipal government through and and it must be a all sorts of challenging but also all sorts of rewarding. Maybe you guys have stepped up. Well you know it's interesting. Because in the long history of calgary thirty six years we have declared a state of local emergency. Exactly three times and lucky me. I got to the mayor for all three of them. So if you'd asked me back in twenty ten you know what i was expecting. I probably wouldn't have said one disaster after another. This one is different of course because it's so much longer and

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