Tips for Quelling Post-Run Queasiness


Let's jump into questions. This one comes from shunii looking to quell post run queasiness. Hi my name is suni. i'm calling from williamsburg virginia. We're just looking for some tips on after run nutrition I tend to get upset stomach After going for a long runs and trying to eat i usually workout fasted. And maybe have a cup of coffee before i go for a run But if i go for a long run. I think tend to have upset stomach extent for the rest of the day no matter what i eat. So i'm looking for some tips and suggestions for post run nutrition. Think so remember that uneasy queasy feeling after a long run and for me the key schone is was to push through that feeling and force myself to take something in you know. It's the exactly what you don't feel like doing but it's exactly what you need to do. And you gotta find what works and for me it starting with a drink like a glass of chocolate milk or a smoothie or maybe some protein powder and some milk something like that and then moving on mrs my thing. I love french. Toast topped with Yogurt and some granola maybe a couple raspberries or something but Yeah that's what works for me.

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