Show #56 'Cadet to Comedy' Ross Bennett Shares! - burst 02


You started off as a west coast comic and then switched over born and raised my younger years in a small town in western new york state. Nothing like i was in florida for a number of years. I was but i was never a new york city garlic and i remember being in l. a. at the comedy store around nineteen eighty one. These new york act started to come out when they were fully formed. Here i was trying to figure out how to do this shit. And when some seinfeld coming out fully formed just just pre prepared or george george. Wallace larry miller our. If there was there was a whole group of them that came out from new york all in that same year and they all had huge success. But as you mentioned they came out having already somewhat honed at least the beginning of their sets their material on the rough stages in new york and came to l. a. a somewhat already vested and you were coming up from sam cisco in la for more just getting started at that time my attitude was. I'm going to have to get to get good someplace. And wherever i get good. If i get out to l. a. it's gonna take me another year two years working in the l. a. So i said i might as well go to la and work on getting good there. Of course. I already had like attendant of that okay. I had an act was good enough to get me into the semi-finals the san francisco comedy competition. I had an act. It was good enough. That when freeman saw me he took me right over to greg. Book made me a regular day me spot. I enacted was good enough. That i could kill at the comedy store and when mitzi called me over she said don't let that fool you. You're not funny jamil. Brutal see was brutal. I haven't heard quite like that.

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