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Jackie young the membership director for the enterprise. Enduring alliance really happy to be here today. Thanks for having me on again gently at the ea. The is really focused around enabling organizations to adopt and use during technology and their daily business operations really focused on empowering the ecosystem more generally within the overall you dear ecosystem manda Personally from background. Perspective and come from the world of the world of enterprise technology consulting and sales. I've done a number of large implementations and deployments with a number fortune five hundred organizations are spending across from a devops strategy to cloud operationalisation to supply gene inventory optimization via learning models and artificial intelligence and so i have a pretty widespread enterprise consulting background as i had mentioned most notably around the microsoft stack but have done work across long. Vm ware Across most of that relatively traditional it architectural stacks and twenty seventeen. I started to get more and more interested in crypto decentralized computing space and starting to get more interesting more interested overall for me he perspective and starting to pay really close attention chew how many enterprises and the people that i was interfacing with were really developing on ethereal and the overall platform and again The most recent that i had had was focused on consulting around service now and the mic stack and i saw how much microsoft was investing in jail their azure. You're deaf jet predicated on the theory ecosystem largely and i started just pay more close attention to began. How many organizations were really building with any theorem and had the opportunity late in two thousand nineteen to go head first into the game ecosystem and within the blockchain world and Got the opportunity over as a membership director at the ea starting in january and so twenty twenty has been quite an interesting year and been really needs deep by ever since really glad you were able to make it to the podcast. Today excited to hear about What you've experienced the sarum ecosystem and what things are going on at the ea. I don't. I don't know a ton about the serum enterprise alliance. Maybe a little background My perspective there wasn't much Thoughts about win crypto first came out you know of of making this Really tailored to enterprise Until a theory. I'm came out with a smart contracts and and things of that nature and then bencher price base really took to a theory in ways that i didn't imagine Initially it could you tell me a little bit more about the and what it is and who are the members and how how does one become a member. and they ultimate goal of the organization. Absolutely see that's about saddening and you're you're spat on as far as enterprises building any theorem. And i think that's largely predicated on many of the technological foundations the backbone of ethiopian and it being more of a developer focus application tom development focus blockchain competing system and as a result of that. That's why there's been such widespread adoption From enterprises and more emerging technology organizations like And from an ea perspective Really rigid with some founding members Back in two thousand seventeen Some of those included consensus. Gp morgun intel a number of others. Who are still very involved within the. Ea is well as a number of other organizations and what they're really focused on is having an ecosystem of best practices to build within the theory. Him from both aig Private permission boxing. Perspective to public may net perspective as well and The as was largely built dine. The enterprise theorem specification which we are now nearing version. Six of it and the specification is finalized. Which we're really proud of and that's really kind of morphed into the whole genesis of like corum that's been bill dead consensus and jp morgan. I'm now Formerly done under consensus. And that's where a liar lot. A lot of the work had been predicated on in the past and organizations. Join a again just to be with really like an expert network of people to kind of collaborate on the things that they're challenged with within their organization and how to take Some of the the internal capital and resources that we have our disposal and how to leverage that more effectively within one's own business and so we've seen a number of different creations within the ea from quorum with large built within the token taxonomy initiative free cell framework token taxonomy and building out smart contracts were actively from the business protocol which is hugely important right now and his gaining just a ton of momentum and excitement within the industry and now more again bringing in die each us which were incredibly excited about in. That was just announced on this past month on largely focused on creating registry around safe smart contracts so that users and customers that interface with can be more confident and reliable within the smart contracts that they're leveraging utilize utilizing a Let's go back to core. Would you say that is kind of the biggest win for the enterprise space and What what exactly is core. My i have a a little bit of understanding that it's was developed. I think initially by j. P. morgan chase and then Be behind consensus to do it and Now j. p. morgan chase Purchased that aspect of consensus. Are they working together. and corum is kind of a. It's a side chain to a theory where or is it. Is it a a completely separate based off of theorem blockchain. I wanna make sure. I do justice of this and i know that the consensus team and some others within the ea could even speak more intelligently and effectively to this but quorum is really built on like a is a private permission chain built on the enterprise etiam specification and so a number of organizations developed best practices around in enterprise etiam standard that could be trusted and relied upon within organizations and A number of these organizations where the kind of the genesis and the create creators of this and jp morgan was largely behind the creation. Corum early with In collaboration within members of the and notably consensus of course. And as of just over the last quarter i would say consensus acquired that in full and now is perjury even more closely with. Did you be more again arching team if you will Largely led by christine. Moy and the honesty in there and there's been a ton of exciting announcements relative to what their team is doing right now but Consensus has now brought in corum And what we're seeing within the industries who such a big movement Around utilizing obviously the public made net and many believe that that's the future will continue to collect you but what we're seeing is actual in live production. Instances we've seen the most modern work around enterprise right now and consensus has been a large driver behind that as well as a number of other organizations consensus driven that in a large way up to this point in time.

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