The Xunantunich Account

Haunted Places


Tucked away. Inside the countryside of modern day belize lies one of the greatest standing ruins of the maya civilization shuna on tunisia's ancient name is unknown but historians estimate that the structures of tune each were built beginning in the seventh century. C e however the land had been occupied by the maya for much longer as early as one thousand bc in those first centuries it was just a small village but at some point in the seventh century it began to grow in size and power. The lords of the ancient maya city built ball courts palaces and temples but the city's crown jewel was the structure known as el custodio. A one hundred thirty foot pyramid topped with shrines offices and a royal palace hsun each was a thriving metropolis the center of a powerful kingdom. Then all of a sudden it wasn't the collapse of the my empire was one of the most devastating and dramatic catastrophes in human history. But it didn't happen all at once. The collapse of the classic my civilization occurred not long after shoot onto each was built around eight hundred ce. By the end of the ninth century the region and its majestic monuments almost totally deserted in less than two hundred years. The city's population had nearly vanished. Royal dynasties disappeared. Cities fell to ruin the great pyramids of the maya sat untouched for and were reclaimed by the jungle. But over the next millennium the region was colonized by european settlers by the eighteen. Hundreds of colonists. An interest in the ancient cities and their expeditions uncovered a wealth of artifacts that were shipped away to european museums and auction houses. However these pieces of history provided few clues as to what cataclysm destroyed the maya cities something had caused the empire to crumble yet to this day. We still don't know why but for a lucky few their spirits and shown on tune each who will show them the keys to this ancient mystery. If only they would listen how. To- felt uneasy as he walked through the ancient temples. There were no real dangerous here. No musket wielding british soldiers on horseback but there was a dense fog shrouded. Everything missed but hocine 'to could still see the dark stones covered in moss and the snake like lines that crept up the temple walls most days to walk the extra two and a half miles just to avoid the sight of it but today be didn't have the energy. He hadn't slept much last night or any night in the past three months. Not since his father died a scene to had borrowed money for a decent burial. He thought he'd be able to pay back but then the storm came. It devastated his crop of bananas now. He barely had enough to pay the englishman who owned his land and not a single schilling left for his wife and son. His wife was getting sicker every day. It was the same sickness that had taken his father the same fever and bloody cough and recently his son. Miguel had become to cough to how cintos didn't know why he'd been spared. His wife said it was a spanish applied. Maria said europeans were immune to the diseases. They brought to the maya and the husino often considered himself native. He'd been born on the peninsula. He was european after all had tried everything to raise money for a doctor. He begged from neighbors tried fishing and hunting but his neighbors were just as poor as he was and even if he caught a fish or a deer there was no one to sell it to how seen was watching his wife and son die he felt as if the world was falling apart which might be. Why the temples made him feel so uneasy because that hopelessness must have been how. The maya felt long ago that there was nothing they could do. Cinco continued walking toward the center of the ancient city in front of him. One moss covered building towered above the others a narrow strip of stone steps visible at its front. Something white flashed at the bottom of the steps at first husino fodder was a bird but as he came closer he saw it was a woman. She wore long white repeal and a belt of turquoise beads tight around your waist her arms were piled high with gold and silver bracelets and the skin above her nose had been painted a vibrant red.

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