Joel Embiid injured on return as Philadelphia 76ers beat Washington Wizards


In the East 70 Sixers taking on the Wizards 97.5. The fanatic takes us to the third, such as Donna Capital, One Arena and it be download with right hand chair. Again, Joe Well to the left of the lane. The double comes but late be blows by Bacher and then on charging Westbrook and well now is 21 2 matches number indeed had 23 points through three quarters of play eight of 11 shooting, then Philly up 78 to 60 in the third. Beat down low. Look out! He dunks it! He goes down hard. And he's holding his knee in Pete is down on the floor in Washington and the sixes need to take a foul. He went up. Garrison Matthews came over and Joelle took a terrible fall. He's holding his left knee with six minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the third and beat hyperextended his knee after coming down off of that dunk. Eventually, he got to his feet and walked off under his own power. Sixers head coach Doc Rivers on what happened? No, just felt awkwardly. You know, I thought there was a little contact when he went up to dunk. The ball. Thought he fell. You know what? His balance off? You know, I'm not going to speculate. You know, tomorrow we'll know we'll have all the information for you. Um, you know, hoping for the best. Yeah, I did talk to him using the locker room. It was in pretty good spirits. So let's just hope for the best jazz taking on the

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