Shift mindsets that deny equality for women in all walks of life, urges UN chief

UN News


The covid nineteen crisis has raised years of progress towards gender equality and highlighted the need for immediate action to take advantage of the transformative power of women in walks of life u. n. Chief antonio guitarfish said on monday in comments to mark international women's day on the eighth of march the un secretary general insisted that all countries should actively include women their plans to prepare for the future. After the pandemic has passed a better future depends on addressing this power imbalance. Mister gutierrez insisted. In reference to the fact that men still outnumber women three to one in parliaments worldwide and in many other spheres women lean government. We see bigger investments in social protection and greater inroads against poverty when we are in parliament. Countries adopt more stringent climate change policies when women are at the peace table agreements are more enduring mysterious noted that the covid nineteen crisis has a women's face as most essential frontline workers women before outlining. How governments could help women and girls with specific measures such as boosting investment in childcare. The formula con me only works because it is subsidized by women's unpaid care work. The un chief maintained

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