Biden Administration Pressed on COVID-19 Testing at the U.S. Border


The biden administration is entirely full of it that trump denied corona virus and the the severity of. They did even now the biden administration and their circle. Back press flack. Jen psaki are still not taking this seriously. Here's a video from yesterday. it's fox news. Is peter ducey. He asks a simple question of jen psaki. He says hey Madame press secretary are illegal. Immigrants crossing the border who test positive for coronavirus being prevented from coming into the country. Watch the answer. She gives where she pivot. josie yesterday. Who answer right pretty simple question. If you test positive for corona virus and you're trying to enter the country illegally can you come in or not. It's binary folks it's binary answer it's a or a one in digital format okay. There's no need to overcomplicate this. We don't need. We don't need a schroeder's cat here. It's not a no quantum mechanics involve she can't answer. The question listened to her dance around this and try to blame the republican governor of texas. Check this out The other pieces as the question about The testing of migrants At the border or testing of migrants as they're coming across and we have d justin fema have stepped in and work with local mayors ngos and public health officials in texas to implement a system to provide cove nineteen tested and as needed isolation and quarantine for families released from border patrol facilities. Their proposal an agreement would cover one hundred percent of the expense of testing isolation and quarantine but governor. Abbott has decided to reject that so there are a number of. There's a lot of confusion about these issues. And i just wanted to provide a little point of clarity here. They'll larry us that's hilarious. You're trying to provide clarity on clarifying the clarity. You were trying to provide. His outing was a yes or no question and she dances around that. Well here's how we're going to provide the funding for the testing impossible possible isolation so we are letting people in is that what you're saying

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