What are the key factors in executing the digital marketing for tourism and hospitality


For the last two episodes we have had a very vivid discussion about though wise. And what and today. of course it's going to be a little fun. Talk about the how part. I am with my guest on his head of eat. Tourism research at the university of eastern finland. So welcome you come again. High gripe to be here. This is the last episode. And i'm i'm really excited to get the opportunity to discuss these things about digital marketing with you again. It's it's been great so far. I'm really looking forward all of this episode. Well it's been a great learning experience for me. Also we are sort of. All of us are students because things are changing. If it's minute by minute but so quickly that we have to be able to be nimble and reactive on. What's happening around us. And i think that's where this how part of our feet series comes into the question so let's stocked with them. The point maybe the digital marketing tourism start from motto. Sora help us understand what are the first steps to consider. And and i think this episode bills quite nicely on top of the previous two episodes so we gone through how how the company mission the strategy actually should drive digital marketing. So all the decisions that you do in digital marketing should be. You should be able to connect them with your strategy and your mission and what you're doing bought it to say that it's also possible to do great business without that much thinking abou- strategies and missions. And if you are just able to provide a great customer experience and you are really good at sales and marketing you have all the possibilities to do fantastic basis and and being being able to be a successful With being really good at understanding your business model. But i think everything starts with the customer. So if you don't understand your customer and if you don't have this custom perspective on your own business Then it's it's getting really difficult to be to be successful. Doodoo business that that succeeds and think many times that that is a major issue with with businesses that they are so focused on what they have and how they can sail that while they have instead of looking at customers and understanding the customers one than what the customers need in. How else can be resold or hail wave. What will the company has a not just what we have at this moment but also thinking outside the box and looking at different ways to better serve the needs of of of a customer not alone and not relying just on what we have but also looking for new partnerships and new kind of marketing channels and and all different kinds of options. If you have this customer perspective on your business in are able to put yourself in in customers shoes. I think that's. That's the first. I've where wherever everything about marketing should should be built upon when when we are starting to think the channels and the messages and everything being able to put yourself in in the customer's shoes is fantastic skill to have and also is it so the two should be very specific about to your audiences and who you are. Who are you. Why are you servicing. I have noticed that people tend to get limit wide. They want to go all over the place rather than kind of laser focused on this. And then as you mentioned that the solving the problem i always is only interested in that. Solve the problem that they have not about your product right now so people are typically not interested about companies. People are interested in themselves and watson there for mia and businesses have to figure this out. That's how they tolkien communicate with customers. In last episode we talked about focusing on the benefits that the customer receives instead of the attributes of all we are a whole that will be our restaurant or or who we are as as a destination

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