Golden Globes 2021: Complete list of winners and nominees


Globe awards The night also honor the late child. Chadwick Boseman. David Daniel has the highlights from the 78 Golden Globe Awards. Even with stupid things. Inclusivity is important. And there are no black members of the Hollywood foreign press host Tina Fey in New York and Amy Poehler in Los Angeles began the 78th Golden Globe Awards, chiding the H F P A, which promised a more inclusive future, then gave the night's first two awards to black actors Daniel Columbia for Judas in the Black Messiah and John Boyega for small acts. What are you kidding me? I think you made a mistake. No mistake. Jodie Foster won her first competitive Golden Globe and nearly 30 years. Best motion picture supporting actress for the Mauritanian. Thank you. Secrecy for making the show in Canada. Thank you. Apartment looking for seriously. Catherine O'Hara's husband, Beau Welles played her off as she accepted best actress in a TV, musical or comedy for Shits Creek, which also won best TV series, musical or comedy, also winning a pair of big awards. Nomad Land Best motion picture drama and best director for Chloe Jiao. Just the second woman to win that award. Borat. Subsequent movie film, Best Motion Picture, musical or comedy and Best actor for Sasha, Baron Cohen and the Queen's Gambit, Best TV movie or Limited Syriza and best actress in that category for Anya Taylor Joy Thank you so much. Emma Korans Wind kicked off a huge night for the crown. She Josh O'Connor and Gillian Anderson all one Golden Globes for the series, which was also named best TV series drama. I Love all of you so much, And just like Andra Day was overcome winning best actress in a motion picture drama for the United States, vs Billie Holiday, and Possibly the Night's most emotional moment came when Chadwick, Bozeman's widow accepted his award for best actor in a motion picture drama for Ma Rainey's Black bottom. She was thank God He wouldn't think his parents he would think his ancestors for their guidance in their sacrifices in Hollywood. I'm David Daniel. Had on daybreak. We are going to chat more

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