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Again. You may want to give yourself extra time or avoided altogether. Maybe just shoot for the 15 south out into San Diego Instead. No word yet of when they're gonna have those lanes reopens on the north bound side of the 1 10 Freeway. Just boy get to Adam's in south L A. They are stopping traffic so they could get a stalled car out of the right lane of the express lanes. Traffic is heavy there at Manchester South bound side of the one time just minded brake lights between the five and the one on one And you were headed for the 65 Freeway North bound side. Just past the one who find they are setting up shop to do some roadwork. They're in the right lane having a slowing down Rosecrans over towards telegraph. They're also working on the 91 eastbound side of pioneer. They have the right lane in the pioneer off ramp. Shut down! Just minor delays. There's you Come upon the 605, but be work so alert. Traffic reporter sponsored by the Auto Club of Southern California. Did you know the auto club offers competitive rates on auto insurance, though to triple a dot com slash insurance for free quote today and find out how much you could save Insurance. Reata Club visit triple A dot com slash insurance today that your traffic I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning and what a 43 my FM.

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