Is what he did at the end, which was dismantled of franchise that was pretty good.


For you about JJ Watt, who has been a great player for the Texans and It'll be a Hall of Fame football player when he retires did so many good things in the community now that he's been traded up, See, he's getting a lot of blowback from Ah, a lot of different places down there. People thinking that it was just all about the money all about his stats. Hey, didn't go to a team that That likely has a shot at the Super Bowl here any time soon. What do you think's going on with him? What's the Senate? But down there in Houston on JJ Watt now? Well, most people are happy for what? Because they know how bad he wanted out how much he's done here off the field and on the field. They know he started 16 games, was on one of only two defense lineman to play over 1000 snaps. He was first in the league against the right and lost tackles for loss against the run, and he was a double team more than any outside Pass rusher in the NFL because he had absolutely no help and hasn't since Bill O'Brien traded Davion clowning after the 2018 season. So, according to reports, Cleveland offered more. Indianapolis offered more. Tennessee offered the same. I thought he was going to the Titans all along, but he went to Arizona. I was shot. I never thought that they were never on my list of possibilities, and they can't be quiet so he didn't go where he could get the most money. And some people are trying to say was a money grab. But based on these reports was saying those other teams that we need the more of the same. He got 23 million guarantee the defense of coordinated their vast dozen. He knows it very well. He played for in three years. Here. It was just DeAndre Hopkins, or they got two other defensive players there. Played with what must be a great city. But cardinals right, Nate, they play in the toughest division in the NFL. So it's gonna be a tough road to hoe for him to have a chance to get his first Super Bowl. John McClane's Our guest from the Houston Chronicle one. That's question about Jackie used to be what in your view. What has he done to the organization? And is it is it fair Because I I've read a lot of different things about him talk to friends that that work in the Houston area. He's received a lot of criticism in terms of sort of how he has run the organization and some of the people that he has been accused of running off. What's your take on Jackie used to be Well, First of all, I'm gonna tell you the way it is because there's a lot of clueless people out there who don't have a nincompoop, so don't have any

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