Absolutely. Yes. We talked about it all the time. And you may recall. He always


I was terribly impressed with that. And then all the sudden it was a lot of guests toasts and it was treatment week and it dragged out and I think I was starting to worry. And then when I heard you on the radio that day, I just fell to pieces. But many cases want to know when did you When did you know when the rush know that it was time that he couldn't do it anymore? Because I know he would do it no matter what if he could get himself in a microphone or what? But when did he? Finally you to Satin probably made a decision. It's time for him to just Kick back and let nature take its course. Sure. And thank you so much for your call. I think honestly, this is something that rush would not mind me sharing because I think he'd be proud of it. So it's It is a little a little more intimate, I guess, but I will share with you. That he was always committed to the radio and all of you, he adored it, and it was the one thing that kept him going throughout. To be honest, he probably didn't feel well enough to do the show. Good a good portion of the time. But that wasn't going to deter him at all. He was 100% committed to the campaign for President Trump and all of last year, he would not take no for an answer in terms of going on the show, so he pushed forward is often as he could. And then towards this here and then what happened recently? The blessing and I think this will give all of you some comfort is rushed, really didn't know that It was his last show. He didn't know that day that he spoke to all of you and had a wonderful show. That that was, in fact, the last time that he would be at the studio, So he left that day, thinking that he would be coming back the next day, and unfortunately, he just got a little bit sicker and sicker by the day and we had to take a bit of an emergency action for him. But the blessing in this is that he knew he was going to happen. But he didn't know that that was his final show and didn't know that he would not be. Speaking with all of you directly again, so that does provide some comfort that it was it was peaceful and an unknown. That is an incredible amount of comfort. And you mentioned rush knowing he was going to heaven. Katherine Limbaugh. I have to imagine that gives you a great deal of comfort. Absolutely. Yes. We talked about it all the time. And you may recall. He always said practically every show that he thanks God for For being able to wake up that day, and that's really how he took it one day at a time and do that It was God's plan, and we would we would go forward as as we needed to, But he knew ultimately that he would Return to heaven and be greeted by everyone who's gone before him. I wanted to ask quickly. We've got about a minute and a half left with Katherine Limbaugh. Um Is there anything we can do for you? Well, thank you. Honestly, just knowing the numbers of people that are out there, grieving gives me comfort not because they're grieving because we're sharing in it together. I've read so many wonderful messages. And all of what you're saying is is so kind. And I just encourage you all to carry on what Rush started, and that would give me such comfort to know that rush will live on through all of us and we will continue his mission and continue to support our wonderful country as he would want. Spoken with people. Katherine Limbaugh, who became sober because of rush started businesses because of rush I myself got into the tech business and had a career I could have ever imagined. Because of the words your husband shared. Greatest professional honor ever had was sitting in this seat filling in for your husband, and that's now just topped by getting this opportunity to speak to you. And I hope that you will make a habit on disses, you know, far be it for me to ask, but I hope that you will connect with this audience as this show continues. Continue to future Russia's wisdom in his voice. I just a someone listener too many to you. It's an incredible comfort to hear you. Absolutely. And and he has always considered you all an extended part of our family, and I'd do it well, and I want to make sure you all listening. Know how much we we care about you and sharing your crease, So I will be here as often as you would like to hear me. Unfortunately, I'm not rush, but I will try my best. Yeah, no one is no one is well, Catherine, go with God's good grace and comfort And we thank you so very much today. We're very welcome all the best to everyone. Indeed. Todd Herman thanking you for Catherine Limb bomb on the network.

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