What's it Like to Run a Successful Cyber Security Company?


You know since we have this opportunity of of being to leaders of cybersecurity companies. When are we digging a little bit and talk about what that experience is like. What the day to day is like of running successful cybersecurity companies christopher. Why don't we start with you. Good question so i think about it. Sort of you got to have sort of balance your time First of all start with your customers or your clients. You know you gotta make sure the in you know the the thing when you run a company is that. There's so many things that people try to make you do so. You have to be vehemently focused on. Stay focused on customers trying to understand the problems they want to solve. You know figure out how you can do. Clever things without I'm a technical. Co deep by background. So i tend to try to think fair fairmont and spend time in our product stuff you know. How can we actually shape this. You know to to sold for for the customer problems and then making sure that you have the right people on board which means that you involved in recruiting and all kinds of different things. That are whether it's sort of very short-term get south sally or bob were lisa onto the team or you think about the long-term two three four five years. How do we make sure that we get great. People on board make sure that those can develop themselves in great ways inside the company. And just make sure that you have a great team so if you spend time on those three areas. I think you do pretty well. A lot of people tend to be focused on fundraising and all kinds of other weird things that i think. Sort of come for free. If you do what i just talked about sort of And and so customers and sort of product and technology being real clever about that and your people and then then things will work out great. I agree with what christopher said. But i would also say are being. I built a number of businesses in my career and in cybersecurity. While what i find intriguing is that we are all trying to make turn trying to turn bad news into good news Security is dealing with problems dealing with risks dealing with nasty things dealing with things. You wouldn't want to deal with dealing with things where people have made mistakes. So there's a lot of sort of cleaning up and dirt and bad stuff there but but for the business to work we have to turn it around and show the benefit of it and a customer sees so or anybody else in the security business. They don't want to be the one saying no in their company. They want to be a business enabler. So so it's meant thuillier demanding question how to turn all that bad stuff into good news for business and to me. That's that's an intriguing challenge with any cyber security business. Does that resonate with christopher. No i think so. It is very interesting and you know. In general running companies general running startups. I always like to say that people say they try to say that this startup stuff is sort of has good and bad days. And i'm like no you know it really. It has twenty nine bad days but it is just sat. One one day out of the thirty. That really awesome. That makes up for the twenty nine so you sort of generally in startup land live of pretty up and down and lots of downside of days and then you overly that to to morton's point the idea that you you frankly are dealing with you know potential bad constantly and it's it can be taxing and i'm fine with that. I'm sort of more than as a super strong guy. So he can sort of deal with that but you gotta make sure that your team can deal with that in a decent way and you know through the last year when you put sort of covert on top of. This is certainly hasn't been really easy. So i think it's a great point. Yeah there. is this a picture circulating social mediums cybersecurity people with this dog or cat sitting in a burning house and the their flames all over and then the animal says it's all right or it's good and it's it's yeah. This is fine exactly. It's so much the the reality that we have to deal with burning fires all the time and yet we have to maintain our calm and balance and composure. And and see the the good news in it. So that's that's what makes cybersecurity excites i think. What would you know. What's interesting is that. I think about our business being intelligence and our our job is to make sure that a c. So or other decision makers get the best information flow there can ever be. And what you're doing by sort of crowdsourcing vulnerabilities these ethical hackers sort of similar. You create a fantastic information flow in decision making sort of flow to to the sea so and and other people on the climb client side of things and you're right when you get that information flow. It's not unlike somebody who works in whether it's a you meant intelligence organization or organization. Whatever it is. It's sort of like you face having bad news coming out you potential bad news coming out you at high pace and if you start if you operate it away where you panic on that and yukon you just can't you know there's and i think that's sort of as leaders. Our job is to sort of take this. This sort of flow information. It just make sure that turned turns it into something good and i like that. I'm starting to think about product changes that we need to do to to think about that. That's very powerful. Yeah i tell our customers. Sometimes that somebody will break into your system and please let it be us and because when we do it we will actually help you fix it by. There are many other other people and groups and at not who will just break into stealing formation or disrupt operation or change change what goes into drinking water or something like that

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