A highlight from How to make 100k on YouTube w/Sidd Masand


Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold right and we are back another episode of the authority projects. I am here again. Would sit masan here. And i am excited to help you. Discover how to make one hundred thousand per year on youtube. Said how you doing my friend. I'm doing good how about yourself. I'm doing great great great weather for the winter right now here in boston so i'm very excited about that. It's the same here in canada. We've a very weird winter. But i'll take given everything else that's happening. Definitely definitely so this dive right in. Actually no it's not that reading the first of all tell people who are personally professionally. Sure so i'm sidmouth sand. I'm thirty four years old. I grew up. Most of my life in canada and i was like a lot of immigrant. Kids i was told to go to university. Get a good degree like being an engineer. A doctor or lawyer and then get a job get married and have kids and that's life and i soon learned. That was not the life for me. Necessarily as i worked in the professional world. I really started to see that. Maybe being an entrepreneur was for me early on in my career tips. Great awesome awesome. so what. What is your current project that you're working on now. Is it just the channel or something else. Well i i still have my day job with everything going on. I went to school to be an engineer. I spent five years in school. I must get kicked out of school after my first year. I didn't take. It's very seriously. And then i straightened out in my second year and i worked for a couple years and realized corporate. Climbing the corporate ladder wasn't for me and i wanted freedom and originally started out as a dating coach. I met my wife through a dating coach. And i thought okay. I'm gonna help guys right. Dating profiles. that for a couple of years and i realize of being a coach wasn't for me because you're dealing with hearing people's problems and blessed people who do that. I couldn't do that. And i started youtube and i took me about three or four years to find my niche but i finally have it. Which is my current project which is rock and roll true stories. Awesome awesome so before we get into the nitty gritty. Tell us right now. What your daily routine looks like. So my daily routine is i get up pretty early. I go to bed really early. Get up at five o'clock in the morning or so. And on my youtube channel we tell a lot of stories about rock and roll across a very long time period from the sixties to now and a lot of my morning routine centers around planning. What's coming up for that week. What scripts in my writing. What stuff from my going to be doing voice overs for what. What kind of stuff too. I need to be editing suspiciously planning out. How many weeks going to go answering emails. So i do that really early in the morning when nobody's awake including my wife and my daughter and wants the day starts around eight and i really start editing. I'm just usually mostly doing video. Production for most of the day and trying to get stuff done three four weeks at a time for my channel awesome awesome so this dive into for we get into the really big stuff. Tell us how you got to this point in the first place like how'd you get to the point. Where this is it. What i'm doing right now on youtube. It really happened. I graduated in two thousand nine. There was no jobs at that time. Which is it's probably even worse now with everything going on and i worked in the corporate world is a project manager. I love more than anything. Just managing these awesome complicated projects with different personalities and people will technical backgrounds. And you're working as a team and was around twenty thirteen that i tried to advance in the corporate world.

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