My Cousin Borrowed $5000 and Won't Pay It Back (Hour 1)


Chris. Hogan we're gonna talk about your money your life your relationships what's going on in your heart and your mind give us a call at triple eight eight to five five two two five. That's triple eight. Eight five five two two five chris. How're you doing. I'm good buddy. And i am ready to take the calls. I don't you know. Don't try to butter me up. John because you and i will fight on here. We will disagree but you know what that's part being real. We don't disagree. We do actually tangled up. A little bit is. Because i'm the kind when you're bit rowdy. I just like data in facts in common sense. That's not your strong suit and that's okay. I love the people. We got a place for everybody and you gave people number but they can also find us on social media at ramsey show. You can find him at john loney. You can find me at chris hogan three sixty. The bottom line is as we're here for you now the way this show works. Is you pick up the phone and call you. Tell us your issue. You tell us the stuff that's going on in the relationship you're battling some depression frustration irritation or anxiety. Dr john bologna is going to give you an answer. And if you got money question you got call in and we're going to talk about it. I'm gonna walk you through it and try to give some guidance because when you have a game plan john you can have success. I'll give them money. Answer won't be right as yours. I don't know about all that. Especially i listened. We definitely want opportunity to referee. At what i mean by this is for you to call in with the situation and you let dr john and i weigh and give you an answer and that way we can give you a verdict and then you can go back and make stuff happen. You're a lawyer and a judge. I false confidence when i got you here. We can do some stuff all right. Pick up the phone. Call us seriously. Triple eight eight five five two two five again. That's eight eight eight eight two five five two two five. We really would love to be able to talk to you. Aren't we're going to the phones First and foremost who jesse on the line. Jesse how are you. How's it going. Oh focused not finished buddy. What's on your mind for john. And i talk about with you today. All right all right so we got a bit of a situation here Your parents weeklong call kicked basically So this has been going on for the past five years but I m. I let my my first cousin and i lent him Somebody i liked him. Five thousand dollars while ago and He's still have yet to pay me back and he told me originally like you know he just needs it for a job so like you know i was like okay. No problem. it's family. Like lent him the money and then in two weeks he didn't give me the money and i guess that job fell through and i've been asking him especially like you know the right after. I called him all the time. Like kind of Almost calling him too much like you know. Where's the money. Where's the money some. It never and i just said to him directly like hey you know i i know a lot is going on but You know i did lend you that money and like if you can please pay pay it back even willing to do like a payment plan things like that gave me a little bit. So i think the balance is like around Still like three thousand dollars but now there's no relation with him. I don't talk to them whatsoever. I used to have really good relations with him You know his mom. My aunt his kids everything. But now it's just completely completely done and um broken and now i. I'm just at a point where i really. I don't know if i should just keep going with it and just keep asking. That really didn't seem to work. I even ask his mom Sheva pete me a a payment one time and Now i just don't kind of know where to go from here are jesse so you let him five thousand and he's paid you around two thousand yes okay. And now he now he doesn't he's acting like he doesn't know you. Oh yeah oh yeah. You're a stranger said that amun the runs for for being childish knowing about responsibilities. Because he you know he does have a lot going on here as a family and he kind of it on me. Where like. I'm in the wrong. But like i was willing You know To help them to do like a payment plan. I understand and so. I can't wait to hear dr baloney tom. But i'm i'm gonna go ahead and go first here. Let him five thousand and he paid you back two thousand let me do this from kentucky so it takes me a minute. You've got a three thousand dollars less than got a three thousand dollar lesson and you know what that's why we talk about whenever you start to get involved with money and family without some some you had understanding. You said this was alone. He called it alone but now he's acting like it's not and i think the best thing for you to do is to let it go and for you to be able to move on because i mean obviously are you working. Do you have a job. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah what do you know about the baby steps I'm familiar with them. Yeah currently paying off all my debt. right now. Don't don't play with me dressing. I guess i would you meet. You're familiar with them. What kind of debt you got I have some student loan debt. I have seventeen grand in student loans. I have A car payment

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