One Hate live at sea attack


Critical of Washington's response. That's the first day of March and we're gonna warm up through the week. We'll talk more about that one. Check traffic and weather in four minutes about first update from ABC News. It's 5 30. Nearly four million doses of Johnson and Johnson's covert vaccine shipping out of the company's plant in Kentucky, J and J CEO Alex Gorsky, telling ABC News. This may be just the start of other treatments as well, normally take five or seven years. We've done literally in 5 to 7 months, and I believe that these new type of vaccine technologies they're gonna have brought up applications potentially and things like cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other areas. Johnson and Johnson says its goal is 100 million doses by June, Former French Prime Minister Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy found guilty of corruption and influence peddling sentenced to one year in prison. President Biden plans to meet virtually today with Mexican President Manuel over door who says he will propose an immigrant labor program that would allow 600 to 800,000 Mexican and Central American immigrants into the U. S to work temporarily and legally. Nomad lad winning best drama at last night's Virtual Golden Globe Awards director Chloe's out. Also winning best director. Only the second woman to take home that award. Sherry Preston ABC News Co. Moh news 1000

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