Trump's new PAC raises over $30 million


At the conservative. Political action conference in orlando over the weekend. Former president trump was clear. He will not start a new political party to make an end run around the grand old party. He drops strong hints. Though that he might like to run for president again there was interest. Also in rhonda. Santa's the governor of florida and the governor of south dakota kristi noem and trump is still very good at raising money. Marketplace's kimberly adams has that former. President trump never stopped raising money. I he pulled in cash from donors to fight his election loss and since then trump launched a leadership pac that raised over thirty million dollars in just a matter of months. Carl evers hellstrom monitors money in politics for open secrets dot org and he says politicians and groups who align themselves with trump are benefiting as well. The republican party is increasingly. Reliant on trump. actually raise money. so we've seen some. Corporate interests are not as interested in donating to them after the capital riot. Trump's supporters on the other hand still seem game to donate to the president and his allies. There were even rumors after the election. He might start a third political party and what he's done is actually a lot more interesting. Jennifer here. wig political sociologist at suny stony brook. He said okay. I have this kind of asset which is my a fundraising prowess and my donor or less than the ability to connect with people who maybe ordinarily wouldn't donate and so i'm going to use that and turn it into a formal organisation that the gop has to pay attention to and the republican party. Is we know that. President trump is still someone who was wildly popular and someone who was and is an effective fundraiser. Paris denard is a spokesperson for the republican national committee. We are optimistic. That he will continue to be the type of former president that engages in wants to help the rmc. A fundraise denied says trump has agreed to attend an r. n. c. donors event this spring in florida where republican leaders will be encouraging donors and the former president to support their efforts heading into the midterm elections in washington. I'm kimberly adams for marketplace

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