Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, Pelicans Hold off Donovan Mitchell, Jazz for Win

Get Up!


We are back on. Get up and jay. Williams made his way to take a look at the game of the night last night. A good one between the jazz. And the pelicans and this one was all about ziad. Look at him. Going right equity go back just constantly challenging rudy gobert. He gets his shot blocked more than any other player in the league. But it doesn't matter because it's going to finish at the rim. He had fifteen points in the third quarter. Zion did look at them continuing here and just taking a straw once again. He loves eternal right shoulder. That's his patented move. Twenty-six ten last night for zion who was really emerging clear in his second season. Well let's take you to where this game is decided thirty seconds ago jazz are down by one. And here's the big sequence. J. will often miss from donovan mitchell. Donovan mitchell mrs baruch. I don't know if i call that over to bat call rudy gobert. That just much taller. But since i did it take another look at it here. That's go bear. He does get called for over the bag. Zion would make too so the pelicans of a three point lead in. Here's the final shot. Not a great look that the utah jazz get off. Zion gets the rebound josh. Hart gets uncontested dunk. And that is all she wrote. The pelicans get the win. One twenty nine one twenty four and again as i on finishing with twenty six points. Ten boards five assists. Joining anthony davis as the only players in new orleans history with game with those numbers before turning twenty one years old. They will play again tomorrow night

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