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I mean it's to blackboard learning podcast which expected to talk about today dan. How ironic that that we're mandel and we're man down. He said it had a bullet kobdo. Normally 's okay. Okay okay man. I grieve right. I choose to grieve Of course we have to open up the podcast. They own a very sad note As you are already aware Kobe bryant and his daughter has passed away in a tragic helicopter accident. Along with seven other people affecting i think four or five in total This very very heavy heavy situation And i just won't we're gonna take some time to of course you know. Get to the podcast but address. Kobe bryant and his legacy and and in all the pertains even to the creative industry are his his role as an inspiration as a mentor. As a superhero superman. Pretty much gam. Yeah man so Rest in peace and kobe. This is crazy bro. I yeah that's great. You know what i was thinking about. This is gonna fuck you up already fucked up here. Can you name another nba legend. That's did like one of the greatest. Can you name one. That's dead well as really. Yeah bill is still alive bill. Russell steering every live to nick is still alive bro. Jerry west is still alive. I don't know about bob cousy. I mean oscar oscar still alive buysc robinson yes man you know towards live shack alive better world pieces alive somehow alone just joe. Lamar odom is alive. Here's the thing though. But you're like bask- crazy crazy thing is like this man. I off like twenty years of one organization. Yeah there was speculation after that he moved to a number of different teams but he stayed put did down with one organization for twenty years like a lot of us would as millennials. Who can't even fathom doing something like that dedication and commitment to to you know like wearing something like a badge of honor through representing something. That alone is crazy. You talk about those twenty seasons five rings not even counting you know. Deep playoff runs regular seasons championships that he lost to. I believe so. You mean to tell me. Twenty five percent of the time that this man was in the league there. He played in a championship in one right. And that's goes without saying like top five when scoring pasture before he passed and ironically the bronco succeeded him. Talk about that later on. You can talk about sixty point game that they re air which was his final game young. And i remember where i was when that actually happened. Like as a kobe's my favorite player favorite athlete periods favorite athlete entrepreneur up there to the best sixty point game in the last game. Bro to that in encapsulated is that a word capsulated in a the fool mama mentality man like at all times with every resource that you have given you all right like pass the ball okay or not like we are. We are going to greatness naked. Get in the car or not like it is what it is and to be just as a when i was a boy and like you're saying always favorite teams. He always like the bad guys seem real area. The when i became a man. Put away those boys things. And i respect by the time koby retired. I had so much respect for kobe. Bryant i teared up those last few minutes of their sixty points because you can see it in him is the same face that he made when he towards the kelly's and he's shooting free throws away the same faces when he was making. His team was trashed but he was still putting up thirty four forty point. tonight's going. oh my god wami brown days. He wasn't fran targeting. The coach like whoever is the same. Is that same. That sixty points was the same mentality pushed pushing through. You could just tell his body. Was it his legs. Weigh three hundred pounds of still listening to push himself the court to put up fifty shots and scored sixty points in the last night to leave the whole crowd bewildered people with people we always hear about like the started from the bottom stories. I'm still kind of black legends. Or you know. They came from humble beginnings grinding me. But what. I also appreciate and thought was dope about kobe was. That wasn't necessarily the case for him three his father. You know joe jelly. Bean bryant wright played in the league played overseas. Kobe was actually born in ilian majority of his life between philly. And you know a little bit of well. Majority of his life in italy and a little bit affiliate. I didn't know he was sixteen when he came up right So he was a talion so but most of the time like somebody who's made it Usually the the next generation is nearly a toss up right whether they're gonna turn out and how they got to wherever they got. New generation starts hard right so even if they get to the same level as their parents like you know you can call nepotism into play so many other things like whether it has valid or not but with kobe. You can't tell me that everything that he received in in his baseball career and in his professional career was not earned. This man put diligent hours in the gym. I mean i mean. We're pretty much repeating the same things that you've been on the time line and on tv day. In and day. Alfred past seventy two hours like. But i'm glad that this is really coming to light instead of just like a basketball twitter three conversations. Not just basketball is so pervasive like like work ethic like what that really means is like heat. Not only did he put his. You know the required hours in and show up on time and all that he arrived early and he left later than everybody is. He was disciplined his eating habits. Sleeping habits designate. You find out later designating time force families right. It was very intentional about very intentional. To the point of his demise is deep. real deep. man is real. yeah the work. Nobody talks about work ethic more by nobody. Reveres work ethic more than people do when it came in kobe. Bryant again. Like you said people have been. You're going to keep saying the same thing. I hope this conversation goes on forever. You know just as long as possible but one of these things. When when the stars dies stars died one of my favorite things to do is to watch black people grieve because this is my favorite shit to watch gallo competitive. I had to drive my little post in may of course of course people are scheduling People are scheduling the releases of their statements. per se people are being extra with the List donate to the foundation list. Make kodo the logo. Let's rename the nba. kobe. I mean i i kind of with the logo joint the logo i asked you i asked you name a star that died and you can't. That's why they should change logo. You gotta it's very simple. I mean jerry west. He had a great run as an executive but on a in a league. Where night is like. It's like. Fifty percents niggers worry about saying european. Nigga say it's fifty percent niggers

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