Taken for Granted: Jane Goodall on Leadership Lessons from Primates


Work lifers. It's adam we're getting close to the premiere of season four of our show but today i've got another conversation for you from are taken for granted series of unscripted interviews about rethinking assumptions this year and last many of us have been forced to communicate with our closest colleagues and friends from a distance and that skill is not uniquely human who this is a distance creating and that simply means. This is me gain. Yep this is jane goodall legendary. Gist an expert on primate behavior. Jane greeted us from her home in the uk over zoom. It's an unnatural habitat for a person who usually spends most of our time outdoors worth sixty years ago. Jane started her career studying chimpanzees in tanzania along with anthropologists. Louis leakey she famously immersed herself with wild chimps named groundbreaking discoveries about how primates behave and communicate. It turns out that we have a lot more in common with apes realize and by observing their actions and interactions. I think we can learn a lot about leadership status and culture among humans. I'm adam grant. And this is taken for granted by podcast with the ted audio collective. I'm an organizational psychologist. My job is to think again about how we work lead and live so i guess the place to start is. Can you tell me a little bit about where you are right now and what. It's like to be working from home instead of in the wild well first of all. I was very lucky to be caught in grounded in my home of this. Is the house where i grew up. Low this is the longest. I've been here in one place since the age of will eighteen. I think while here. I had all my work will my books behind may have you could see the books. Iran's child outside the window of the trees that i climbed when i was a child a new us about How i was coping and it was like working from home. Well to be honest. I've never worked so hard to my life as in the last four months. I mean it's just been nonstop video messaging. Do you do virtual calls with says. Well i don't speak to the chimps. No wasn't sheriff so it's really interesting that you've you've never worked hard before. Does that mean you're you're dappling well to remote work and being sort of in one place in an office. Well it's not an office. It's update my limits that little area and it's very small and so my my studio is sitting on a very hard stool. But i'm happy what i miss. I mean. i was traveling three hundred days a year round world and you would think that was harder work and it shuli was sometimes. I got exhausted but in between there was no meeting really really good friends and relaxing with them laughing and telling stories giving lectures to rooms filled with up to fifteen thousand people. You better buzz from it so if you start feeling totally exhausted some energy that comes and what has now. I'm having to give talks

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