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Than half a million people in the US alone. Florian Martin of Houston public media has that In the early days of the pandemic. Many funeral homes lost revenue as demand dropped for some of their services manual Gara was laid off from his job as a funeral director in Houston. The Corona first came out. Ah lot of families and life here for doing only cremation. Maybe this have a memorial service. You know, we're just a few people present was not the body present. Gara didn't have to wait long for a new job as infections and deaths searched in the summer. He's now the funeral director at one of four branches of another Houston company, Lee AL, funeral home and the job has kept him busier than ever. We had almost 39 funerals in one week. That's when something Holmes do one month. Someone working in the funeral industry for 40 years. Gara is used to seeing death. But this has been different. We had wife, young. That died on the pendant and one a month Four weeks later, her husband died, and it's just sad. It's tragic. Gary says He has lost four family members to covert 19, In addition to more burials, funeral homes if also had to do more to help out overburdened hospitals and medical examiners. Harvey Hildebrand is Thea, executive director at the Texas Funeral Directors Association. So all those things that we normally handle those have all been challenged and exacerbated. Many funeral companies are also making more money during the pandemic. Houston based

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