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In real time when you need your mortgage to fit your family and budget rocket can when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time. Rocket can Rocket mortgage Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, Kevin, let's get right to the weather forecast. Here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. Beautiful, bright sunshine. March sunshine, But January February temperatures here temperature's up into the upper twenties. Low thirties real feels they're gonna lag in the teens this afternoon will end up a scene that wind Diminished by late afternoon this evening Cold Tonight will end up in the twenties toe, low teens and some of the inland suburbs tomorrow, a little milder a little breeze in the afternoon that takes us back up in the mid upper forties. Then the cold's going to return. And so does the wind as we go through singing Friday doesn't look as harsh as the wind has been yesterday into today, but it was getting pretty breezy Thursday and Friday. Forties for Thursday with real fields in the teens and twenties, and then I think we stay in the mid thirties Friday, probably back closer to 40 for the upcoming weekend. Ah, dry stretch Laurie. So it's got the wind with it here in the cold, but no precipitation as we go all the way through the weekend and an early next week. Thank you with meteorologist beamed aboard WBC monsters, NewsRadio 19 Thank you were up to 18 degrees in Boston with bright sunshine and again that wind advisory through three today. Question appears before voters in Norwell. They're deciding whether or not to ban the sale of nips. Here's WBC's Chris Fama. The measure was proposed by Selectman Joe role, and there were reasons he says it warrants merit the littering the environmental issue that drinking and

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