Israel freezes plan to send vaccines to foreign allies



The story coming out of israel this week. was That israeli journalists. Kelly cohen reported that israel's going to send one hundred thousand vaccines to nineteen nations around the world. Some of these nations announced that they were moving are had already moved embassies or missions to jerusalem honduras guatemala czech republic. There was no debate at all In the security cabinet no authorization by the justice. Minister of foreign minister and benny was the defense minister. And by the way interim justice minister said that thinks he's a running running kingdom and not a state by this decision obviously. Israel's already criticized for not making it a priority to vaccinate. The palestinians may talk a little bit more about that. But it isn't making us look better right this these one hundred thousand. Vaccinations being sent abroad. No i didn't think it is. Because i mean vaccine diplomacy which is a new thing now in our will. But he's a real thing you know with china india jostling with each other to distribute vaccines to win influence and goodwill in asia etc. You know united arab emirates is is giving vaccine to egypt. Obviously this is a thing to be doing. Russia trying to boost its profile. But the problem here is. It's very transparent. The israelis basically rewarding friends. You know that hungry set up. A trade mission in jerusalem or the republicans promised to do something similar and therefore because of that recognition Be wants to reward those countries Vaccine i mean it goes down well for the reason you know. Which is the story. A big story around the world is that israel is not accenting Its nearest neighbors and therefore misses something. I think about vaccine diplomacy well. Why don't we just talk about that. Because of course that has reached a new audience that notion of what israel's doing not doing vaccine right and it reached a new audience in you're referring to the snl clip that How shall you say this. Caused a bit of a ruckus this week. So let's listen in and talk a little bit more about reporting that the vaccinated half of their population. And i'm gonna guess it's the jewish half. I mean obviously you mentioned this. Jonathan about how if I think you said this one of the previous episodes if this was new zealand. We wouldn't be hearing at the end of the vaccination thing but because it's israel and it's politically charged. There's there's added complexity to the story. Yeah i mean you know you states say. The snl clip went viral jojo. Avars use that word to me. That was a big moment. Really because it's mainstream american comedy. If that is now it seems to me. There's a judgment there. Such a night live making the among its audience. There will be a perception as a more left wing. Frankly view of israel than i think would have been true a generation ago And you can make a joke like that sort of edgy but the the among kinda millennial snl audience who. Let's say you know. Revere alexandria ocasio cortez. The idea that israel is basically a little bit racist is a joke that lands without audience. That's what i think. Snl thinking there and just on the point about vaccine diplomacy. It seems to me that is the piece that's missing. Which is okay. You think you get a little bit of goodwill in hungary czech republic or whatever but actually what is noticed around the world and we can get into the arguments for and against is. The palestinians are not being vaccinated by israeli vaccine. And that's the big picture to the point where it took butter than snl joke.

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