A highlight from Why Israel Matters: A Classic Conversation with David Siegel


Thanks for joining me for this podcast. Let's welcome david. Segal the consul general of the nation israel southwestern united states welcome. Thank you very much your address much better than i am. That's because you're the consul general. And i'm just me so the title the lesson. Well it's great to have you here again. We've actually spoken before. We did an interview before on the radio and the pastor perfect broadcast. And here's kind of heavy question to start with but we alluded to this my little talk. What role did the whole cost play and the establishment of the nation of israel. Well you know. The holocaust was a defining moment in our history. It was devastating. One third of our people were destroyed. Six million people Over almost a decade one point five million children but the the modern miracle of israel begins two thousand years before that the promise of next year in jerusalem Which we say every year during passover holiday three times a day that we pray was the light at the end of the tunnel so we were people that were dispersed in one hundred nations all over the world and we came back two thousand years later so the holocaust was maybe a final chapter in it. And it's amazing that the same generation that almost saw the end of the jewish people in one thousand nine hundred forty five that same generation fought for its rebirth. Nineteen forty eight. So i would say the last chapter but certainly not the reason. There's that word out there that because of the holocaust israel was created. Israel was created four thousand years before that i tried two thousand years before christianity. Both of our religions have been here for a very long time and are here to stay. That's right but but yet there's a force on the move in our world today a militant islam and an anti semitism is on the rise. I read a headline in the newspaper. That said that two thousand fourteen was the first worst year for anti-semitic attack since two thousand nine of course we remember what happened. Not that long ago. And paris were jewish people were specifically targeted. I believe in maybe a kosher market of some kind. So why do you think after all that happened. In the holocaust you would think that that anti-semitism would just stop it yet. It's growing why do you think that is david. Well you know. Europe spread the virus to the middle east the virus of antisemitism in nineteenth century and twentieth century it found a home in the middle east and hatred of jews in israel and now it's migrating back to europe because as the middle east is in flames. You have populations shifting and moving and moving out they're not well integrated in the european countries you have the old anti semitic forces converging with the new ones and it's a very dangerous moment so seven decades after the holocaust here. We are again in europe where you cannot be a jew safely in public places. Two thirds of jews polled that they feel the danger of antisemitism in their everyday lives in europe. It's it's terrible. It's one of the great threats yourann the de-legitimize of israel and the hatred of jews which is anti semitism are the three major threats that we face today. You take these threats seriously don't you. We do very much. Iran is a huge danger to the world than the number one sponsor of terrorism In the world today according to the state department not just according to israel their major threat in the middle east. They are now in lebanon in syria in iraq and afghanistan in libya and now in yemen and they're part of this endless war that is going on throughout the middle east between all of these collapsing states and societies. They're very very dangerous. And over the last twenty five years they've been developing nuclear weapons program and icbm program that now reaches deep into europe. And it's on its way to the united states. It's way over the heads of israel now so the threat is not just israel it's the entire world and the middle east but when they call for our destruction and they denied the holocaust and they have cartoon competitions for denial of the holocaust by all the world participants of that has to be confronted. Has to be stopped before. It's too late well. The last time. A nation threatened to eliminate the jewish people. Look how many jewish people died. So you have to take these threats seriously and so should we. In the united states they call us the great satan call israel the little satan and then the of their proxy forces in addition to developing these nuclear weapons of hezbollah who we were talking earlier is has how many potential rockets aimed at the nation is. You're right now one hundred and twenty thousand. Wow that's more than russia has today.

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