Where to Find a Truly Authentic Disney Beach Vacation


We're going to be talking all about disney's beach resorts and we're talking about disney's i guess. Would we call them their real beach resorts all around the world. Not their photo. Beach resorts at their feet resort feats resorts like that fo- beach and we're talking about places like what disney's beach club resort would be there features are and just a little bit of background. I remember when we talked about the wave pool that was in the lagoon and outside of the polynesian and dick nunez the emad surfer who turned imagine near and when they first opened disneyworld he thought disneyworld had to compete with beach resorts in florida. And that no one would wanna go there because there wasn't a beach so they created beaches and they tried to do surfing. Didn't really work but then later. They added the pool at typhoon lagoon yet and of course they added the beach club resort and tom along they deign has a real sand bottom. But it still wasn't real and when we say beach resorts i guess. Let's put it this way in front beach resorts well all right. Well we'll get into that. So there are you may or may not know three count them three actual disney beach resorts not associated with any theme parks. And we've talked about one on this podcast in the past if you're planning summer vacation hopefully we're all going traveling this summer and you want to go to a beach resort and you love disney. We're gonna give you three amazing options for disney beach resorts and i'm putting them in my personal preference order. You're probably going to agree with my order. I would imagine start with number one. Most important will go first. Okay and that for me is alani lenny desire lani resort and spa in co alina. A wa who hawaii i do you say that. So he no or lena that. So co lena is the little town. This is a true beachfront resort in hawaii. In this episode we're going to focus on the beaches because we're talking about beach vacations. We will do more in depth on the resorts. We've already done one about our number two which will get to momentarily. But if you there's nothing really. That beats a hawaiian beach. What do you think jonah blank blank. So the beach call. Lena is you fly. Into on her lulu. And it's a really short drive right. We definitely rent a car. And i'll get into why that resort alani is right on the ocean in this really upscale town called co alina and it's a little bit of an interesting beach there because it it's very sheltered. They have storm break. So it's not very good for surfing but if you're one of those people that likes to think the ocean is a pool that has no currents at all. This might be for you. Yeah it's of funny. Because i learned somewhere along the way in my travel life that most of resort hotels on islands even barbados in that they build the hotels on the quiet side of the island. But we love waves right. We like big waves. So we'd always have to do. When i was surfing and barbados. You gotta go down to the super bowl's on the other side of the island but all the big resorts are on the calm side. If there is one and co lena's the whole point is sort of like that but actually there's four lagoons dan this strip of land in their man made so they did like you said they built breakwaters and they're sort of like a c shape. It's almost like a donut with a little cutout which is open to the ocean right. So there's water comes in. They are open to the ocean but yes. They're very calm. They're pretty large. I don't know. I don't even know how big they are. But they're big. It's not like people. Yeah and you can rent boats and sailboats. And a few things in there it can take a lot of people and then there's other upscale resorts at the neighbors of alani and there's four of these lagoons and you can walk along the waterfront the rest of the waterfront there sorta rocky so that's probably why was undeveloped in the past and then disney came along and somebody figured out. Hey we can make nice beaches here if we put these little lagoons. So it is a true. Hawaiian beachfront resort. You can swim in the beautiful pacific ocean. It faces the sunset which is really nice. But if you're going to hawaii and if you're going to alani in particular there are many other as ing beaches on oahu. Don't always need to go in a volcano. Guess you don't need to go. What is oh. Amelia wrote a song as a kid going to hawaii in volcano which would be the big island of hawaii not on oahu. But if you're going to oahu and you're going to alani it's a beautiful beach Franck resort will get into all the rest of it and another episode because es cell using storm along. Bay is a good waterpark. Alani puts it to shame. But we're going to save that for a future episode. Pure here for storm. Along is now an official disney waterpark. A resort it sort of water park for among resorts compared to any other pool. That is you know typically pool with a slide. It's pretty much a waterpark. There's a lazy river there. there's a beat anyway. we're not talking about disney's beach club resort. We're talking about disney's true beach resorts on the ocean. But if you go to alanine. You're in hawaii definitely rent a car because there are some amazing beaches around the island and we have three favorites. Yes when we were there and the one one is why of course the north shore's famous the banzai pipeline. Wia me a base of drive to that beach. Any of these things are an hour to ride real easy day trips to go to the beaches and then i call the surfing beach surfing. Beach is kylie loa beach. If that's how you pronounce it pronouncing these the lower something. It's just back on the way back towards honolulu about halfway. There may be and yet. It's it's a real true. Hawaiian bichon little campground part. If you wanna take surfing lessons there it's great. There's great lessons there. The waves are consistent. It's a true open. Beat quite amazing. Little kids surfing. Yeah amazing little kids. Maybe we'll post a picture of usurping on that beach as part of this social media for this episode so that that one's really close great spot to go surfing and then across on the other side of the island is kahlua which is a really cool little town right on the water and they have a really neat beach there too so chi loo beach the north shore and kellyanne lower beach. I think that's how you say it. I may be saying wrong but you'll find it. Those are three awesome beaches. Plus you do have a beach rate at your resort. A nice quiet beach like amelia said. The water's warm there. It's very calm tons of beach chairs. it's it's fairly large semi circle shape. Check it out on a google earth map and you'll see so that is out of ninety eleni hawaii and then another one we talked about. They will be disney's vero beach resort. And i don't know this might actually be my favorite beach if we're talking strictly about the beach hotel. I'd have to say personally. I prefer the air disney's vero beach resort beach than the alani beach lie because it is truly wide open to the ocean. You can't even serve there either. You can on windy days. We have seen people surfing there. You can definitely bougie board there quite a bit. But i'm going to get in just like we did with lonnie there's other beaches nearby but at vero beach resort the beach is you know you're just on the coast there on vero beach so it extends hundreds of miles but there's rarely it's rarely what i would call crowded. No sometimes in the mornings we go on beach walks and watch the sunrise and get bitten by no see'ums. We talked about that in our verbiage. Episode. this is what. I was alluding to earlier if you want to know. More about. The resort in the area listened to that episode a few back but the beach itself. We didn't really focus on and there is a beach house. there where you can rent watercraft sailboats. But you can bring your own boogie boards and you surf and you're within range of bringing a surfboard. It's your subject to the winds really. It's wind driven surf there. It's not nash. Natural surf break but the beach itself has filled with tons of shells and highlight to look for shark teeth. It's weather dependent so days. It's actually quite calm other days. It's very rough. So i liked that personally. I like those open

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