March 24, 1934: Nellie May Madison Murders Her Husband


Thirty nine year old. Nellie mae had enough her husband eric. Madison came home late again. He was likely carousing with another woman after all she just caught him with one a few days earlier nellie mae walked in on him having sex with a sixteen year old girl in their bed. The teenager fled leaving. The married adults with the fallout. Nellie mae and eric argued then. He started viciously beating his wife. Eric's abuse wasn't only physical however he talked down to her and claim that he only married. Nellie mae for money that he tricked her into falling in love with him because he wanted her one thousand dollar family inheritance worth about fifteen thousand dollars now amidst the abuse. Eric forced her to sign a note claiming that they weren't legally married after all. Nellie mae endured eric's physical assaults for six days. After his affair was exposed. She was desperate and scared and wanted her husband to feel that way too. So on march twenty third nineteen thirty four. She pulled up to a secondhand dealer and purchased a gun.

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