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Fortnight is a massive multiplayer online video. Game developed by epic games released in two thousand seventeen is available in three distinct game mode versions so they otherwise share the same general game. Play in game engine But these three distinct versions are fortnight. Colon save the world. Okay fortnight no colon battle royale fortnite battle royale and fortnight creative. Oh there's three of them. So the objectives vary depending on which mode you're playing but the broad goal of fortnight is to survive against a prolonged force antagonist who will attempt to eliminate you okay so for night begin from an internal game jamat epoch game so there in american video game and software developer and publisher based out of north carolina So they did this internal game jam around twenty eleven after they published the game gears of war so a game jam which i only recently learned at work a game. Jam is a contest where participants try to a video game from scratch with a specific deadline. So it's usually like twenty four hours or you know maybe maybe seventy two hours to work to come up with this so it's kind of like a like a creativity burst. I'll shut the the bowl of that is to work with other people and create a game from scratch so depending on the format again your participants might be in teams maybe you are working independently. Who knows but epic games is also the developer of the unreal engine which is an open source in advanced real time. Three d creation tool. And you'll hear a lot of Video games and special effects and even like some film stuff runs off of this unreal engine. So the unreal engine. Original purpose was as a state of the art game engine. But it's now used across industries so it's for cutting edge content interactive experiences in immersive virtual worlds Unreal engine is a real time engine. An editor that features photo realistic rendering dynamic physics and effects robust data translation and also lifelike animation. So it's kind of a big thing whenever somebody is using the unreal engine. You know you're going to get really could effects from it so that that's all out of epic games which which founded in the savage that engine so for me was not initially one of the games that was actually developed during that game jim but the concept of merging the construction game genre so games like sim city or minecraft with shooter games came together and it led to the foundation affording. So you probably know. It sim city is if you're our age but a refresher on minecraft so in minecraft which was first released in two thousand nine actually players. Explorer blackie procedurally generated three d world with infinite terrain and they may discover an extract raw materials craft tools and items and build structures or works so game modes in minecraft include a survival mode in which players must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health and creative mode where players have unlimited resources. So players can modify or maud game to create new gameplay mechanics items and assets and minecraft has a very distinctive like visual s. That like you can recognize if somebody showing you a screenshot of minecraft. So what epic did is they prepared to release fortnight as a paid early access title in july twenty seventeen and they had plans to release it as free to play some time in twenty nine thousand nine after gaining feedback from players to improve the game so originally titled fortnight and lear renamed to fortnight colon. Save the world. This original base module is a player versus environment cooperative game. So you have four players collaborating toward a common objective on various missions. The game is set after a fluke. Storm appears across earth causing about ninety eight percent of the population to disappear and the survivors are attacked by zombie. Like husks so the player takes the role of commanders of home. Shelters collecting resources saving survivors and defending equipment. That helps to either collect date on the storm or push back the storm. In from missions players are awarded a number of in game items including hero characters. Weapons trap schematics and survivors all of which can be leveled up through gained experience to improve their attributes. Also you're working together with people against this common enemy player versus environment cooperative game. In around the same time the epic released fortnight into early access pub g had become a worldwide phenomenon selling millions of copies and drawing strong interest in the battle royale genre so a battle royale game is an online multiplayer video game that blends the survival exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game with kind of the last man standing game. Play so the name. The genre is taken from two thousand japanese film titled battle royale which was based on a novel of the same name and presents a similar theme of a last man standing competition in a shrinking play zone. So you've heard people. My brother plays this one. You've heard people's mentioned before what the heck is pub- g it's an abbreviation for player unknowns battlegrounds so that's an online multiplayer battle royale game and in this game one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves So there's an available safe area. The games map which decreases in size over time and it ends directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters with other players. And the last player or team standing wins the round The game's concept and design was led by brendan green. Who's better known by his online handle player known and he'd previously created mods for other battle rail type games pudgy was the top selling premium game of two thousand seventeen selling thirty million copies worldwide and grossing. About nine hundred million dollars. I have can. I tell you never heard of this game in my whole life. You know you are. You aren't really doing a lot of player games. How it's absolutely right. You know what i. It's funny i feel like there's been a couple of questions and learn a league in maybe the last five seasons or so that like the answer will be some video game or something that we that when we see the answer. We've never heard of this popular selling thing in all of the world and it sold got julian copies and everybody except you plays it. What's the so this is why we're absolutely. Yeah so you know. Epochs saw what pudgy had been doing and they were like maybe we could also do a battery. Yeah so what. Epic did was rapidly develop their own version atop their original fortnight in about two months so by september two thousand seventeen at was about to release this as a second mode from save the world in the paid for earlier access but then later decided to release this as a free game that would be supported with microtransactions. Microtransactions are the business model where users can purchase virtual goods with micro payments and make your transactions are often used in free to play games to provide a revenue source for the developers and there are a staple of the mobile app market so in game currency in fort night is called v books to them. You might see this icon happens sometimes. The you see llamas pop up and fortnight okay. So llamas also known as lama pinatas are the main loop boxes in fortnight and they are also fortnight's primary mascot so the vendor tech store is where players can purchase lama pinatas to break open for rewards in llamas can be produced using view bucks or event specific currency and they contain various helpful. Items like heroes schematics. Weapons and there are also different types of llamas in the game including basic llamas daily llamas and event llamas so For an has a very distinctive aesthetic. It's very cartoony. there's a very distinct color palette. I mean it's it's actually pretty visually pleasing see this distinctive looking lama. You know that that is for

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