A highlight from Jane Hertzmark Hudis of Este Lauder Companies: 'We are really brand builders over time'


Into the glossy. Beat podcast i'm your host pre row executive act and today's guest is. Jane hurts. Mark hottest the executive group president at the estee lauder companies. Welcome jane thank you absolutely delighted to be here with you preah. We're so excited to have you you as i said to you before we started. I've been chasing you for some time. And i'm so happy that you're here with us and i want i congratulate you on your new role which isn't so new anymore right. Yes it's Maybe eight months ago. I took on the new role. And so how has that been. How's the last eight months ben. it's great. I mean the. It's been a very unusual time to say the least and i am responsible for overseeing eight brands in the company globally and Obviously steering them through this very unusual time but also achieving great success because at of great challenges comes incredible opportunities. Jana before we talk about. You know what's going on in your current role. I would love to just kind of here a little bit about your background. You know so. Many people are very fond of you in the industry. And you know. I don't think they know the story of how you got started in beauty so quite frankly from a very early age i was interested in art and design and culture. And that really has stayed with me throughout my life. And interestingly enough. I'm a left brain right brain person and it just seemed to make sense to me. That beauty was a business about art. Culture design and and so i had got instinct that that's what i wanted to do and by a fluke and knowing someone years ago i got my foot in the door which is always the hardest part and it's been an amazing career ever since and when i started i was a marketing manager on a brand called prescriptive. So that's where. I started and three months after i joined actually got the job of overseeing all of marketing for prescriptive 's just in the very very beginning so it's kind of a match made in heaven and an incredible opportunity so you've been at of companies almost your whole career. Essentially almost i had. I worked in public relations for a couple of years straight out of college then i went and got my mba at columbia and then joined the estee lauder companies right after that. How would you say i mean. Obviously the company's changed quite a bit. You know prescriptive is no longer brand. Although i love that brand dearly. My mom was a huge fan. I'm mean we've had sylvia on this show before but you know what do you think the biggest changes have been you know for you. It seems like you've really been taking on every opportunity at the company and you've watched it form. I think we're a company that gives people opportunities and we're also a company that believes in women. And so i've had an extraordinary growth opportunity from the minute. I walked through the door. I've had the opportunity to take on new challenges. I spent years taking on new challenges. Within prescriptive 's additional responsibility. I got thrown into the field because my boss at the time and leonard lauder felt that to learn sales after really haunting my skills in marketing. I ended up overseeing origins and different brands over time and at one point was given the incredible opportunity to oversee the estee lauder brand and to run that which was amazing that was in two thousand and nine and today. It's a multi opportunity now. How has the consumer changed completely. How has the industry changed completely first of all the one thing that hasn't changed is it. Women love beauty and women wanna look beautiful and wanna feel beautiful and that has stood the test of time. So that's first and foremost how people shop for beauty the research you're able to do about ingredients and what products do the fact that we are able today to have a two way discussion with the consumer here. What's working and what's not. I mean everything has been turned on its ear and it's just as exciting just as dynamic and today really changing at the speed of light. How would you say you know. Your role has changed in the sense that you know there's so much more information and obviously you're doing this for eight different brands and you know how do you distil especially in this environment when you can't necessarily go to the store like he used to test and try what to pay attention to well first of all we are still testing and trying so my my apartment is filled with lab samples

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