NFL Free Agency: Don't Ignore Mike Davis


With the falcons. The falcons signed running back. Mike davis and you're thinking my davis like do is this really You know something we should be talking about. It absolutely is if you think about it. The falcons really don't have a running back that anybody loves that you know. I don't even know if the falcons themselves are in love with any of their current running backs is like the starter as the guy. So mike davis comes in which right davis was an interest in a communist breezy curious where he was going to land You know because of this one fact right. He's always been a guy who people have had high expectations for If felt like whenever he bows who different team. You know there there. Is you know this feeling that he was going to be more then. What he was will last year he did that. Because he's coming into the falcons. You know filling in for cmc for christian mccaffrey while he was dealing with all these injuries last year. I don't know if you could have a better line on a resume than that. Like

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