The Case of Sandy Melgar

Women and Crime


Ever heard of this case. I've heard of it. I knew it was on truth and justice. But i don't know the details at all so this is going to be like you're going to be revealing this to me as we go. Let's do it so we have hymie melgar. Who often goes by jim. And that's how we'll be referring to him in this episode. He was born in guatemala and had immigrated to the us when he was just three years old and he lived in texas with his parents and his two older brothers by all accounts. Jim was very smart. Well liked by really everybody. He was described as having a great sense of humor. Living a very healthy lifestyle. He was very active and very helpful to all those around him. And then we have. Sandra known as sandy which will refer to her. Sandy also lived in houston and that's where her gym met back in. Nineteen seventy seven when they sat next to each other in high school classroom. How does that high school sweetheart. They are high school sweethearts. He wanted very cute. He actually sat behind her in class and apparently he was smitten with her in houston. Pull her hair. Oh as an acute so few years after high school in one thousand nine hundred eighty two got married and they started their life together. Jim started his career as an it. Specialist and sandy nurse later they would start a medical billing company together and they worked quite closely with each other and they also managed a few rental homes. The couple had one daughter named liz who was born in one thousand nine hundred five around. The time that their daughter was born to the couple became involved with jehovah witnesses. That's why sorry. That's why i also remember this case. Because she was they. Were jehovah's witnesses yeah. The melgar 's allegedly wanted to provide a strong religious upbringing further daughter. And that's why they had sought out a religion at this time. The family was very close. Knit very happy. According to their daughter there was never any yelling never any disrespect as she would say they were an example of a perfect marriage over like families they did have a few obstacles. It was really sandy's health. That was the problem. Sandy suffered for many many medical ailments. She had lupus epilepsy hypothyroidism. she had double hip replacement. She had short term memory loss. She had bouts of vertigo. She also suffered from multiple violent seizures in which she would experience retrograde amnesia

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