John Wojtowicz: The Man Who Robbed a Bank for Love

Crimes of Passion


John wada. Wits strutted outside the bank with a smile on his face. He hardly seemed to notice the team. Police officers watching his every move weapons drawn. He strode over to the shuttle. They'd call for him and inspected it carefully opening the door and patting down the seats. It looked clean. He turned to the crowd of spectators and wave like he was on stage whether they cheered or hurled insults. It was all the same to him. No such thing as bad attention before he walked back up the steps of the bank. John's gaze landed on a group of men standing among the crowd. There was something off about them. It looked as if they were trying too hard to blend in. John wasn't one to ignore his instincts. He pointed at the men and ordered them to fall back and join the police. He didn't want any undercover cops trying to sneak up on him after a moment of hesitation they it and backed away. John grinned. he was in total control. Finally the dog would have his day.

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