Interview with Dara Treseder, Peleton's Head of Global Marketing and Communications


To our women's history month series on skimmed from the couch. Where we're telling you about the women who made history this past year this week. Our guest is dr troy cedar. She's svp had a global marketing and communications for peleton the world's largest interactive fitness platform. That's led the charge. Apple fitness during the pandemic and dr herself is one of the most esteemed marketing professionals in the country. Before arriving at peleton last year dr was the cmo of carbon a three d. printing company and before that was the cmo of ge ventures darn. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to skin from the thank you so much for happy. Abby excited to dig in you have a great and lengthy resume. And so i am curious of all the jobs that you've had or activities you've been a part of which one stands out that means the most to you while obviously my palatine experience. You know it's interesting. You learn so much in your career right. You grow so much. I remember sitting in. The audience wants listening to meg whitman. And she talked about what it was like to be a veteran ceo. I remember kind of being like That's an interesting an interesting phrase. I had never heard someone use that before. And because i've had the opportunity to be a cmo twice in my career before this role. I felt really prepared. I kind of really understood what peleton needed. And i feel really equipped to be able to bring that to my team and to really create the environment that allows the amazing humans. I get to work with to thrive and succeed because you get better with time. It's almost like practice. makes permanent. Practice makes perfect practice. Makes better. And i feel like i've had experience practicing and so it feels really wonderful to be able to bring all the amazing things i learned at the amazing places. I worked to peleton at this moment. In time you are born and raised in nigeria and went to school both in the uk and later in the us. I'm really curious about your background and having the exposure in perspective from multiple places how that led you to marketing are inherently makes you a good marketer you know. I think that it's really important to live in different places and get exposure to different cultures. 'cause it's very interesting. How things change at how things can be very different as you move between different societies different cultures different nations and. I think that i am able to bring a certain richness and fullness to my marketing experience. Because i've had many experiences where i has been you know other and i have had to see how do people relate to me. How do people talk to me in a way that really resonates that feels authentic that draws me in and so having that in my own personal life i've been creates a wonderful texture right wonderful context for how i'm able to kind of step into the shoes of others step into the shoes of other segments of our customer step into the shoes of customers with behaviors. That are different than mine. Because i've had the experience of having basically navigating different worlds in my own personal experience. So i think it's i think it's a richness and i think it definitely has prepared me. I think to be a better marketer.

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