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We all remember the hot startups that got a little carried away investing in growth. They're the ones that lost a lot of money. There was uber. Racking up four billion dollar net loss in twenty seventeen we work. Lost two billion dollars in two thousand eighteen. The one that stopped me in my tracks this week while the new startup it's google cloud computing division. Their loss last year wapping five point six billion dollars. This is the information. Four one one. I'm cory weinberg. i'm a reporter for the information and in our first segment on today's show. I'm going to be talking to my colleague kevin mclaughlin about all the money and power associated with cloud computing. Those google cloud bosses. Well kevin wrote about how. The company was putting new limits on the hefty commissions. That its top sales people can make. Google cloud is of course chasing amazon. For cloud dominance in amazon has eight new. Aws chief as of this week. We'll talk all about. He likes water skiing. Then in the second segment remember radical candor. It was a business book from years ago. That and office workers to show that they are both carrying and challenging the people at the same time. My colleague kevin delaney interviewed. Kim scott the former google executive who wrote radical candor. She has a new book out about how to fix injustices workplace. I a quick word from a sponsor and then were talking cloud a quick plug from an information sponsor this past week we hosted a live video summit in partnership with singapore passion made possible information spoke with startup leaders about the future of food. And how they want to seize this market opportunity for alternative food sources. Here's t trick. Ceo of just speaking about the regulatory challenges and capital intensity of his business so in terms of what we communicate to investors and there are a few headlines so one is This is not for the faint of heart. So it's really important to sit. There's expectations front. We're not making cereal. Were building a technology platform. That only today. One country has has approved investors. Need understand that the timelines for return was not not six months. Thanks again to our sponsor. Singapore passion made possible all right. We're going to dive now into google amazon. And specifically their cloud businesses those seemingly mundane but critically important businesses of selling online storage and databases and other cloud services to cio of fortune. Five hundred companies. And we have the man break all that down for us. We have the information. Cloud reporter kevin mclaughlin. Hey kevin hi cory take offense to the description of mundane for cloud computing. I think it's a very exciting market. Well you You wade and when you write about it athle- scintillating. I will say you have a knack for bringing the subject life but let's start with the big one of the bigger news stories intact actually. This week was adams the ceo of tableau coming back to his roots. And he'll now be running aws for for amazon. And and of course is replacing. Andy jesse who's now going to be the top boss at amazon. So a little bit of musical chairs here. What what did you make of this news. Were you surprised by it. I think everyone who watches this industry at n including some eight of us employees. Were very surprised when you look at adam. Celebrities background and the fact that he joined. Aws in two thousand five Is one of their first. Vp's at a time before they were even generating revenue stayed there for eleven years held a wide range of different duties encompassing marketing sales business development and even areas like technical support and customer service. The really probably wasn't a better candidate from any jesse's perspective to take place and continuing the business. What can you tell us about him. So i in my cursory lazy research of this guy. I did cut symbol across his twitter account in which he has description is quote husband. Father water skier wine guy and data rockstar. So can you tell us how good a water skier he is. I imagine there's lots of water around seattle so he probably has lots of opportunities to hone his craft absolutely left. Aws twenty sixteen shortly after that he joins have low co. This is someone who's got a lot of experienced outside of aws even five years since he laughs. I think another reason. I was very surprised by this is absolutely was a one of the rising stars at salesforce Benny likes to talk about having a group of senior executives that off enjoin hem on earnings calls to talk about quarterly results in business outlook. And i think was one of his favorites in terms of having the experience to look at things from her perspective. So i can't imagine mark. Benny office is very happy about this. Anti jesse i think everyone thinking that it was going to be back garmon who is one of his lieutenants who joined the amazon senior team. Last year mac arman was appointed to lead sales and marketing last year looks to be their parent but any jesse he just vague where everyone thought he was going to zag. It's very interesting. Yeah i mean. I love it before you wanna your first big decision to amazon. Ceo in your You surprise the tech business press. I hope i hope. There's more of that for mr drowsy. Where do they go from here. In terms of aws like e. i believe ten percent of amazon's overall business. you know. Tens of billions of dollars a year in revenue. What's going to be the key for them going forward. How are we going to be able to determine if adams lipsky of actually doing a good job you know in a few years. Well obviously there isn't going to be much of a learning her since celeski knows that does ansari knew it five years ago so let's does join. Aws at an interesting time. Though from the perspective of they have a lot of executive leadership positions. That are vacant. I imagine that'll be one of the one of his first priorities. When he takes over slips he does the that is still the cloud giant conversations. I've had with people in and around. Aws it's clear that microsoft has been making progress and is aggressively going after many of the same customers winning deals against aws. So i imagine that celebrities primary motivation will be what it has. Been under andy chassis which is to continue being obsessively focused on customers. Winning large deals and when customers do decide or choose to leave. Aws fighting as hard

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